Innovative app technology for VR film making

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Today film makers are experimenting with virtual reality with the help of ground breaking technology that brings unique dimensions to film making. In simple terms virtual reality in film making refers to the creation of 360 degree videos or an environment of a video game that allows a story to unfold. There are different ways to use this technology and hence, some even allow viewers to operate a camera while inside a VR environment.

Features of VR film making

The idea of VR films is still in a nascent stage. There are revolutionary cameras and videography equipment that have been launched for virtual reality but that can prove to be a hurdle in terms of investment for those who are aspiring film makers. However, once the digital assets are owned, the flexibility of shooting with such films is much more as compared to traditional film making technology. It is possible to take a break and stop filming whenever required as well as wait for the right weather conditions to show up. It is also possible to reset scenes that were not shot well and reshoot without incurring extra expenditure. This is a time in VR film making era when people are waiting and watching others and seeing the new things they come up with or apps and methods that could show the way in this new technology era.

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3 Strategies To Help You Rank Better in 2017

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Seo is rapidly changing. The link building strategies which were working earlier seldom work these days. That is why you have to find out about the latest strategies which are working for ranking your website. Today we would share with you some of the strategies which are working in 2017.

Concentrating on content:

Instead of just concentrating on link building, these days you have to also concentrate on content. Instead of just copying the content or syndicating the content from the different sources, you have to actually concentrate on building your own content. When you’re having unique content on your website, it becomes much easier for you to rank your website on a consistent basis. You need to understand that if you’re short on content ideas, you can use websites like:




These websites would surely help you in finding out more information in your niche. This would ensure that if you’re short on ideas for content for your website, you can easily do a search using these particular websites.

The more content you have on your website, the easier it would be to rank your website. That is why, instead of just concentrating on link building packages, you have to look into the content which you are building for your website also.

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Big Data Ruminations

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While driving Big Data Delivery my team and I have gained invaluable insights that may be very familiar to the ones that you have experienced in your own organizations. Just close your eyes and imagine the world where Google built an online Data warehousing company, where it brought data from various smaller set of selected sources and spent most of its focus on cleansing, integrating and standardizing data based on industry standards and exposing them through a standard set of interfaces instead of focusing most of its effort in creating search algorithms that answer user questions. If that were the case, Google would not have become the company that has changed the world. Google is an ANSWER company, not a data movement, data integration, cleansing, standardization or certification company. Google is exponentially more valuable, not for the quality and consistency of the information it provides, but the hugely rich and highly contextual answers it provides as and when the answer is needed.

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How Prepared Is Lebanon For A Cyber Attack?

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TechGeek365.comIn this day and age, every nation or country is aware of the importance of cyber security. The impacts of the increasing cyber crime are huge and even all the leading and the superpower countries of the world are under the threat of cyber crime. There are more than one million web attacks on people that are happening each and every day and most of them only are aware of this after the attack has occurred. As the growth in the internet users is increasing at a very fast pace and the popularity of online banking and e-commerce business is increasing leaps and bounds, there is an increase global threat of cyber crimes that both private organizations and the governments have to face. The cyber threats can attack any country, big or small, and Lebanon is one among the countries that is a soft target for cyber crimes.

Is Lebanon under attack?

Lebanon is surely under the attack and the threat of cyber crimes. The computers that people use in Lebanon are easy targets for cyber criminals to hack and also get access to all their valid information. In fact, according to the reports by the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, Lebanon is the 10th ranked country in the world where cyber attacks are prevalent. There have been many internet users in Lebanon, whose computers have been hacked and targeted by the web attacks.

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Augmenting WordPress with a Customized Approach

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As a content management system, WordPress, which is based on PHP and MySQL, has been a breakthrough platform for many companies and organizations. Since its launch in 2003, it has provided affordable and high-quality hosting for everyone from individual bloggers to large establishments with a network of content properties. However, with the constant evolution of the World Wide Web, higher user experience demands and the threats to data security, aligning with professional hosting services that optimize WordPress sites with added features is the right choice.

How to Manage WordPress for Large Organizations

Managing WordPress has become a task on its own, as new features and innovations pile up day after day. Organizations with multiple WordPress sites also need mechanisms to facilitate the latest features and data security across their properties. This is where managed WordPress hosting helps in augmenting site features.

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Mobdro for Android Download and Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

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Are you a movie and TV buff? Do you want to use a new and easy to use app that will be the gateway to plenty of movies and TV shows and a whole lot of entertainment? Well, if you are looking at a different type of movie and TV streaming app that is way different from the standard movie and TV streaming apps, then Mobdro for Android is the best app to try out. This is an Android app that allows you to choose a channel that you would like to watch instead of choosing a movie or a TV episode that you want to watch.

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