How Prepared Is Lebanon For A Cyber Attack?

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TechGeek365.comIn this day and age, every nation or country is aware of the importance of cyber security. The impacts of the increasing cyber crime are huge and even all the leading and the superpower countries of the world are under the threat of cyber crime. There are more than one million web attacks on people that are happening each and every day and most of them only are aware of this after the attack has occurred. As the growth in the internet users is increasing at a very fast pace and the popularity of online banking and e-commerce business is increasing leaps and bounds, there is an increase global threat of cyber crimes that both private organizations and the governments have to face. The cyber threats can attack any country, big or small, and Lebanon is one among the countries that is a soft target for cyber crimes.

Is Lebanon under attack?

Lebanon is surely under the attack and the threat of cyber crimes. The computers that people use in Lebanon are easy targets for cyber criminals to hack and also get access to all their valid information. In fact, according to the reports by the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, Lebanon is the 10th ranked country in the world where cyber attacks are prevalent. There have been many internet users in Lebanon, whose computers have been hacked and targeted by the web attacks.

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Augmenting WordPress with a Customized Approach

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As a content management system, WordPress, which is based on PHP and MySQL, has been a breakthrough platform for many companies and organizations. Since its launch in 2003, it has provided affordable and high-quality hosting for everyone from individual bloggers to large establishments with a network of content properties. However, with the constant evolution of the World Wide Web, higher user experience demands and the threats to data security, aligning with professional hosting services that optimize WordPress sites with added features is the right choice.

How to Manage WordPress for Large Organizations

Managing WordPress has become a task on its own, as new features and innovations pile up day after day. Organizations with multiple WordPress sites also need mechanisms to facilitate the latest features and data security across their properties. This is where managed WordPress hosting helps in augmenting site features.

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Mobdro for Android Download and Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

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Are you a movie and TV buff? Do you want to use a new and easy to use app that will be the gateway to plenty of movies and TV shows and a whole lot of entertainment? Well, if you are looking at a different type of movie and TV streaming app that is way different from the standard movie and TV streaming apps, then Mobdro for Android is the best app to try out. This is an Android app that allows you to choose a channel that you would like to watch instead of choosing a movie or a TV episode that you want to watch.

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How Groupon Works

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In the event that you’ve haven’t known about Groupon as of late, you’re likely not working in the innovation part since it is everywhere throughout the blogosphere. All things considered, going from zero to U.S. 1.35 billion U.S. dollars in incentive in year and a half is quite unbelievable.

What is their mystery? What’s happening with you? How would you win clients at that pace? How about we investigate.

Completely clear strategic offer have the effect

The objective of Groupon is clear: to encourage acquaint individuals with your business. Every coupon on the site has a foreordained least. If insufficient individuals join to the assention into drive, nor Groupon or organization profits. Groupon procures its cash by getting a decrease of such publicizing by retailers.

As per reports Groupon expanded from roughly $100,000 income in January 2009 to 10 million dollars in income in January 2010 – an expansion of 100 times in only twelve months.

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MirroCool – the Only Facial Recognition Smart Mirror Coming to Your Home

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We would all love it if the mirror we look into could be more appreciative and functional. Imagine the wonders of an interactive mirror that recognizes your face. Indeed, it seems a long known fairy tale is now reality. With facial recognition software (FGR) gaining traction as the technology to integrate into home automation it is not be too hard to imagine your wall mirror being a sophisticated screen that not only reflects your face but recognizes it as well.

MirroCool is making it a reality and bringing it to you. Being introduced as the smart mirror that knows you, it is a home automation product that is weeks away from conceptualization stage to the market. You can already pre-order it.

About the product

MirroCool harnesses the features of FGR, a proprietary and advanced technology that goes beyond the voice and touch-screen that are commonly used by the competition. The MirroCool display has integrated facial gestures recognition technology into its display. FGR can recognize up to 70 unique facial positions. These faceprints help to identify and complete different tasks and functions.

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What exactly is Data Migration?

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Is your business growing? Have you considered whether you require Data Migration services? Perhaps you are unsure of what Data Migration is? In the ever-expanding world of IT, data migration represents a small but significant tool in allowing your business to flourish.

The experts at Syntax IT Support London offer this basic introduction.

Understanding data migration

If a fish was growing in a fish tank, you would eventually need to transfer it to a larger, more suitable home. This is essentially what data migration is.

Your current hardware may be suitable for now, but as your business grows, so will your need for greater hardware. It could be for storage reasons or that you are beginning to work with more complex data that your current system cannot handle.

Data Migration is unfortunately not as simple as transferring files via a USB. ‘Data’ represents almost everything non-physical in your business. This includes files, folders, documents, databases, crucial information on which your business is built upon. The three most forms of Data Migration are Storage Migration, Database Migration and Application Migration.

Unless your businesses’ infrastructure is particularly advanced, it is only storage migration or possibly database migration that you need to consider.

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