Most people know the reliable reputation of Lenovo as a computer manufacturer but this electronics giant has metamorphosed over the years to include several other gadgets as part of its product offerings. Being a multinational company, this technology giant originated out of China. Headquartered in Beijing, this company operates out of several locations across the world. Its product range not only includes personal computers and workstations but also smartphones, tablets and different kinds of electronic storage solutions. The ThinkPad range of notebooks has gained popularity in recent times along with products of the Yoga line or ThinkCentre.

How did Lenovo mobility happened?

Known to be a giant in the personal computer business, this company ventured into the smartphone segment from 2012. By 2014 the company became one of the largest vendors in smartphones in China. It soon acquired Motorola mobility rights from Google which helped to entrench the company in this market segment. If you are still unknown to the different Lenovo smartphones, here are some salient features to find in the latest range of Lenovo smartphones.

Zuk, A, K-series and more

For those looking to invest in Android based smartphones, Lenovo offers the best of latest features and amenities on their latest K-series products. If you love the ultra slim models, you will surely love the K-series models. These are premium models that do not compromise on features but give you slim phones that offer a feather light weight in your hands. All phones of this latest series come with a super fast processor and amazing display. The camera technology of these phones is something that you need to experience firsthand.

Besides the K-series you will also find the Zuk series. For those looking for economic and reliable models, this series offer models that are sturdy and ergonomic. The battery life is long standing in these phones which combine reliable performance with powerful features.

For those trying their hands on smartphones for the first time, the A-series offers entry level models. If you are handing a phone to your son or daughter for the first time, models of this series would be reliable and sturdy models for them to use.

With a reliable brand like Lenovo, you can expect reliable and long lasting performance from any of the smartphones it offers. No matter what series you look at, the Android smartphones of this brand can provide you good value for money at great Lenovo mobile price range. If you have certain preferences in mind, it would be best to refer to detailed reviews of the different smartphones of the Lenovo mobility range. You can also rely on reliable warranty coverage of all models from the company. With widespread of serviced outlets in every country, you can find help and assistance for any problem that you might face with any of the company’s products. With Lenovo as a brand to rely upon, you can surely find its smartphones to be great products to experience with delightful and superior features.

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