Though doing proper SEO is necessary for any website, most people may only have limited budgets to spend on their website SEO. But with proper planning, even the most tightly budgeted SEO tactics can work wonders. Below, we will look at five tips that can help you get the best results out of your limited budget SEO projects.

Social Media Platform Presence

Though social media is very important in developing brand loyalty and attracting new customers to your business, you have to understand that you need not have an account for every single social media platform. Many businesses waste money by focusing on managing multiple social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. Check which platforms are relevant to your business and only spend money on creating your presence on that specific platform. For example, if you are an e-book publisher who focuses on publishing haiku poems, then you may only need to focus on Twitter or Instagram. Spending money to manage other social media accounts might turn out to be a total waste.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile is the dominant medium for accessing websites for most people nowadays. As such, it makes sense to develop the website while keeping mobile compatibility in check. Now, if you haven’t yet build your business website, then instruct the website developers to create the site while keeping mobile adaptability in mind. The easier your website can be accessed by mobile users, the better your chances are of being top of Google search results. And, since you are already building your website, you won’t have to spend too much to make your website mobile friendly.

Interlink Web Pages

Make sure that you develop rich internal links on your website. Ideally, at least a couple of relevant anchor texts on each web page must be linked to other related web pages. So, if an article has a text ‘getting rich quick’, then that phrase must be linked to another article on your website that details few tactics to get rich quick. This internal linking process is believed to provide a big boost as far as Google rankings are concerned. So, if you are using the services of Phoenix SEO, talk to them about internal links and make sure these are implemented on your website.

Google Plus Reviews

The easiest way to make a first-time user trust your website is by displaying reviews of your existing customers. The more positive Google Plus reviews you can show, the more trustworthy your website will look, and the more the user is likely to purchase a product from your website. So, be sure to ask customers to review and rank your website.

Write Guest Articles

Another easy way to boost the SEO of your website is by writing guest articles on popular websites. If you have any specific skill, then find out popular websites that cater to your skill and offer to write free guest articles for them. Just put your website links in these articles and you will see a massive traffic coming from such links.

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