Search Engine Optimization or SEO simply refers to the collection of methods and efforts that are used in order to make a website search engine friendly. As most of the people worldwide prefer Google as a search engine, most of the SEO methods too are focused for attaining better rankings in Google.

How SEO works?

In simple words, when a person wants to search for something on the internet and he does not have any idea about where to go, he would simply go to Google and write something there. This ‘something’ is called keyword. If you want your websites to be listed on the first/early pages of Google for these keywords, then you have to work out and execute a well thought of keyword strategy plan. SEO tools are going to be of great help here.

Do it Yourself SEO

If you are interested in learning SEO and you are looking for some effective diy seo tools, you should get started with a few tried and tested tools because there are hundreds and thousands of SEO tools available in the market and if you start searching for which-is-the-best, then that would simply lead to confusion. Therefore, you should start with the trusted tools, gradually learn by trial and testing method and make your own decision on the final selection of SEO tools. Let us have a quick look at the three most effective tools for DIY SEO

Google Adwords – If you want your website to be found in Google, then you have to target some keywords that are searched moderately and do not have much competition. Google Adwords tool is quite effective to serve this purpose.

Google Trends – If you want to find out the kinds of keywords that are being searched over a certain period of time, then Google trends would make your job easy. Just stay in touch with it and you will get an idea about what kind of keywords people search on the internet. This will give you a fair idea about how to plan your future keyword strategy. – Although it is not a tool, but still the best way to get a list of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) or similar sets of keywords. Simply Google the main keyword and check out the end page where Google suggests ‘Searches related to your keyword’. These suggested keywords by Google would be great for LSI.

The Super SEO Tip and the final words of wisdom

Although SEO is an important part of online marketing, yet there is much more to the success of a website than SEO. All said and done, quality is what is going to last at the end of the day. Develop your website by heart, add content that you like, maintain the quality and keep it regularly updated and fresh and with time, it is bound to acquire higher rankings in Google. ‘Assume that there are no search engines and do what you deem right’ is what top Google managers preach. Well, uncle Google knows best!

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