Nowadays, most companies realize the perils of having their servers on business premises. This is one of the standard safety measures that many businesses, certifying bodies stress upon. Hence, when you are setting up your business operations, housing your IT servers will be a strategic decision that will ensure safety of your information network and other software systems on which your business relies upon.

Different solutions

Many hosting companies offer several solutions to businesses. While a dedicated hosting is the ultimate solution where one is guaranteed dedicated servers and infrastructure, this can feel expensive, especially when one does not need a large space or much infrastructure to house their servers or the kind of support and maintenance that comes with a dedicated hosting facility. In order to keep the costs competitive and not compromise on security and service, colocation hosting is an optimal solution. Many companies might hesitate to opt for colocation hosting, wondering about security measures or service that comes with such a hosting package. However, resources are optimally utilized in such a hosting environment, allowing businesses to pay for the services and infrastructure they need and nothing more.

Features of colocation hosting

In colocation hosting the essential features are the following:

  • Ownership of server lies with the business.
  • Space for hosting server is paid as per rental rates, determined by the hosting company.
  • Facility rental terms include service and upkeep, maintenance of servers.

The hosting company owns the server and hosting facility. As a result, when a collection hosting package is taken up, the hosting company will dedicate servers to the company as well as ensure maintenance of the facility and the other required upkeep and support services. This can differ as per the kind of colocation hosting plan that is taken up. In some cases, businesses might have IT personnel looking into server security and upkeep while others might want such duties to be handled by the hosting company. Hence, the services of the hosting company can differ as per client company’s requirements.

Finding a reliable vendor

Even though many hosting companies offer colocation hosting services, the kind of support and service they offer will make a difference. Hence, you need to seek references from other client companies or know certain details about the vendor before you make a choice. In general, look out for factors like infrastructure features offered in the hosting facility, guaranteed service and connectivity 24/7 as well as prompt troubleshooting guidance and support to keep server downtime to minimal limits. Reliable vendors offer live data on server maintenance and running statistics. They offer data backup and off-site backup options as well. Choosing a company that has all such features and more to offer can make a difference to a company’s IT infrastructure. It would also help reduce the burden from IT personnel of having to look into related issues of server maintenance and troubleshooting as such responsibilities are handled by the vendor company promptly and in a professional manner.

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