As a content management system, WordPress, which is based on PHP and MySQL, has been a breakthrough platform for many companies and organizations. Since its launch in 2003, it has provided affordable and high-quality hosting for everyone from individual bloggers to large establishments with a network of content properties. However, with the constant evolution of the World Wide Web, higher user experience demands and the threats to data security, aligning with professional hosting services that optimize WordPress sites with added features is the right choice.

How to Manage WordPress for Large Organizations

Managing WordPress has become a task on its own, as new features and innovations pile up day after day. Organizations with multiple WordPress sites also need mechanisms to facilitate the latest features and data security across their properties. This is where managed WordPress hosting helps in augmenting site features.

Mitigate Risks

Managed hosting addresses one of the biggest concerns that online businesses and establishments face today – security. WordPress on its own is susceptible to breaches and requires a robust prevention program that is customized to the business requirements. One of the ways to add a preventive layer against malware is applying a dynamic WAF or a web application firewall, reducing the impacts of brute force or DDoS attacks. Real-time malware scanning is another important feature that emboldens the security of a WordPress site. Double factor authentication and access which is key-based are some preventive measures. Top hosting companies also provide free restoration in case of compromise.

Optimized WooCommerce

Favored across the world for selling products on WordPress, the WooCommerce plug-in is the lifeline of many businesses. A top WordPress hosting service increases the speed of the WooCommerce site while reducing site errors, giving the online business a more polished and professional look, key in delivering positive user experience and increasing conversions and site loyalty. Scalability and speed is a big asset for retail websites. With managed WordPress hosting, technologies like Elastic Search and Redis Object Caching are used to optimize WooCommerce.

Learning and Media

Managed hosting services for WordPress sites are also a boon for media and broadcasting companies, providing scalable services and ensuring relevant content and speedy updates across the concerned geographies of the site owner. Global caching, multiple database nodes, and GIT and Apache Subversion (SVN) deployment management are some important features that can improve media sites.

Universities and colleges have also immensely benefitted from managed WordPress hosting and related services. Top hosting providers use trusted technologies and platforms to ensure seamless and high-speed performance. One of the common scenarios faced by WordPress developers of the education and learning segment is dealing with interactive customer facing features and updating the sites with required themes and configurations. Education providers enjoy the assurance of a reliable third party hosting management service and do not have to waste their own resources in managing their WordPress sites.


A managed WordPress hosting service will also help you with compliance and regulations, which can be complex at times. Managed hosting has helped thousands of clients across the world take their businesses and services to the next level. Visually sharp presentation, user-friendly dashboards and impactful dissemination of content is a guarantee, built on a state-of-the-art and constantly updating backbone of back-end tech.

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