Whatever the size and type of your business, a strong internet connection and MPLS are a must. You might have deployed the same at all your business locations, yet how often have you heard from frustrated users about the traffic? The purpose of the internet path is to enable better route selection and business performance but there will still be circumstances where users complain about the network response. It is a challenge to get the traffic to reach its destination without it taking a trip around the world. You might have used the right tools and technology in order to ease the traffic congestion but the traffic is not easy to ascertain and you need to put the right circuit at the right place and at the right time. It is important to use policies which steer the traffic over the right connections.

If you have faced similar situations in the past, you might need an SD-WAN for your business. It is a strategic approach which simplifies the branch office connectivity and will help achieve an assured application performance. This is done by leveraging the most economical bandwidth available and also offers a zero touch deployment in addition to one click service insertion. A hybrid wan will give you complete solutions with regard to reliability, security and performance. The technology overlays and move the network management which will limit the expensive on premise equipment and help in distributed policy management. The wan is developed using the latest technology and innovation. It makes the most of the network to drive traffic on the right channel. The traffic can never be predicted but with the right channels, you can steer your application traffic and there will be higher customer satisfaction. The technology will steer the traffic during active sessions and will ensure an enterprise grade performance and availability.

VeloCloud makes it easier for enterprises to support application growth and gain network agility. It has a simple implementation while delivering high performance and offering a reliable access to cloud services. With the SD-WAN you will be able to enjoy a higher traffic and ensure that all the data remains private and secure. It can increase revenue and innovation with the delivery of elastic transport and a performance that meets the customer needs. Some of the biggest names in the industry use this technology to make it easier to connect with other branches and to direct the traffic in the right channel. VeloCloud is built on a virtualization platform that helps the networking portfolio and addresses end to end automation. It will strengthen your position in the market and allow you to bring in the digital era with the right network and programming systems in place. The benefits of this technology always outweigh the cost and make it easier for businesses to grow and achieve their potential. Understand the difference that a hybrid wan can make for your business and choose nothing but the best to grow your business.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com