Flying a drone camera to record stunning aerial videos is one of the best feelings you can have as a videographer. But operating the drone is not an easy task and you might end up losing control of it, causing it to crash somewhere or into something. To make sure that this does not happen, we list below six safety tips that you can follow when flying the drone camera.

Resident Homes

Never fly the drone on top of other people’s homes until and unless you have the permission from the homeowners to do so. If you send a drone without warning above people’s homes, then some of them might get scared that they might throw stones and other objects at the drone to bring it down. Some people might also feel offended and may think that you are ‘spying’ on them. And if they decide to press charges, then you will be in deep trouble.


In addition to homes, roads are also one area you must avoid when flying a drone. This is especially true if the road you are interested in sees very high traffic. You have to understand that drones might sometimes fail and land on the ground. As such, the last thing you need is for the drone to fall right on the road while vehicles are speeding. This obviously can lead to accidents and even deaths. And for this, you will be made liable. So, avoid roads unless you have permission from the local authorities.


When you are flying the drone through the sky, it will inevitably come across many obstacles like branches, bridges, wires, and so on. You have to take such obstacles into consideration and plan for overcoming them before you start flying the drone. Otherwise, the drone might hit a branch or get entangled in wires, and eventually get damaged.

Always Keep in Sight

When you see beautiful drone videos on websites like AirVuz, it is natural for you to try to make a drone video that matches such quality. But sometimes, people can get obsessed with taking a ‘perfect and beautiful shot’ that they will end up letting the drone fly out of their sight. This is a bad behavior. Never let the drone fly out of your sight since it might not only end up being damaged but may also cause damage to other people.

Signal Interference

When the drone flies into certain spots, you might experience signal interference which can cut off the communication between your remote and the drone for a short period of time. In such situations, the drone might fly out of control, hit some object and suffer damage. As such, it is recommended that you thoroughly check the areas where the drone will be flying, and make sure that there is no interference of any kind.


Lastly, make sure that the weather on the day of the shot will be pleasant. Just check the weather forecasts and stay away from any shooting schedule if strong winds are expected. This should be good enough to protect the drone from being damaged by stormy winds.

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