Utilizing Technology and Innovation these Wildlife Nonprofits are Standouts

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In the wildlife conservation arena it can be difficult to navigate through the vast amount of wildlife organizations out there, especially ones you would like to support. Most seem to languish with the same projects year after year without making much progress while a handful of the best are growing, evolving and actively creating and solving some of today’s most challenging issues confronting Africa’s wildlife and environment today.

Our team has identified the following organizations as the latest game changers who are forging significant strides in Wildlife Conservation with ingenious and innovative ideas. These nonprofits are using hi-tech, progressive and even old-school remedies to improve our planet in remarkable ways so that donors know they’re getting the absolute most bang (impact) for their buck.

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SimpleShop – an easy to use ecommerce website builder for beginners

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When I was pitched SimpleShop, it seemed like good timing.  With Covid-19, the world (if it wasn’t already) is now having to sell online, almost exclusively.  So, a lot of small businesses that weren’t involved with ecommerce before, will be looking at easy/cheap/fast ways to sell via ecommerce now.

SimpleShop has been around since 2014, and seems to be growing at a healthy pace.  It isn’t as big as Shopify or Wix, but it does seem more personal and far better featured for the money.  At the time of writing (April 2020) in GBP the cost of SimpleShop is less than a third of the cost of Shopify’s lowest tier, and SimpleShop charges no transaction fees, unlike Shopify.

The admin area layout is really intuitive, and very easy to use.  One click access to most things is common, and the onboarding for new users is really slick – the process runs you on rails to a complete shop during your trial period (14 days by the way, with the option to extend).

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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

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Many house owners try their best to take proper care of their homes. However, there is one thing that is mostly left out until it is obvious that it is out of order. What we have in mind are your gutters. Whether you know it or not, but gutters serve a very important role in the safety and dryness of your house. When the gutters get filled with leaves and other debris, the water may be gathering in there, and that where increased moisture comes from. That is why today we are going to talk about the practical and useful tips that will help you keep the gutters clean and the house dry.

Access the gutters safely

One of the easiest ways to access your gutters safely is to use the ladder. However, you should ensure that it is securely placed so that you do not fall in the middle of the process.

Gather the tools

It may seem that there is nothing special that you may need to clean the gutters. However, the list is quite extensive. You are going to need:

  • Gloves
  • Water jet
  • Bucket
  • Waste containers
  • Wire handle
  • Cylindrical brush

This is an average list of tools that you should acquire should you decide to clean your gutters. If you have a pressure washer, it will come in more than handy too.

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Best Event Manager Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

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WordPress is the most popular content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Anyone without any coding knowledge can use WordPress to build a website in minutes. Initially, this open-source content management system provides some specific features and functionality. However, if you want to add any extra functionality to your WordPress website all you need is to install plugins.

However, if you want to start an event booking or event tickets selling-business from your WordPress website, all you need is to download & install the event registration plugin. There are lots of event booking plugins in the WordPress directory.  But not all event manager plugin comes with complete functionality.

After doing deep online researches on event management plugin, based on customer reviews and functionality, I found one event management plugin i.e. WooCommerce Event Manager that comes with complete functionality.

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Is your business being transparent and acting in the right way with candidate career data?

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Hiring portal puts career data back into individuals’ control at the point it’s needed most.

Digital Profile, an online career and hiring market-place, is increasingly helping hiring managers and job seekers adjust to a new era of data control and privacy worldwide, as the debate around digital protection continues to rage.

It is innovating the job-hunting market, not only in the way it matches candidates with jobs, but also in the way it manages data transparency and control.

Created in 2015, the take up of its services has risen dramatically since as jobseekers and growing businesses look to protect themselves both as individuals and businesses against ever increasing levels of digital danger posed by the jobs market today.

Founder and CEO Dan Lewis explained: “What we are trying to do with Digital Profile is make careers more fun, but also give individuals full management and clarity of their career data and who is looking at it.

“In recent months we’ve seen stories in the press about people suing online job boards & recruitment agencies for sharing information without giving explicit consent.

“At Digital Profile we have control and transparency at our core, which we are delighted to see coming into play for the increasing numbers of people and businesses accessing our services – just as the future we created Digital Profile with in mind, appears to have arrived.”

As well as allowing them to create their profile on the portal, amend and share it, Digital Profile also allows job candidates to revoke access to their profile too after a successful application process has ended so that their personal, and sometimes out of date, information isn’t kept without their knowledge or consent.

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Why Use Review Generation Software?

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Online reviews are very important. Many consumers look at them and they can also help your SEO in many ways. First, once you put review schema snippets on your website, it might make review starts an increase CTRs and credibility. Second, one you generate fresh reviews on your website, your website would rank better. Once you generate some fresh reviews on another website, that website will rank better. This is the reason why it pays to use review generation software.

Reasons to Consider Review Generation Software

The main reason why you should consider review generation software is because it sells. If you will eat at new restaurants, your first step is checking Yelp reviews. If they are good, then that is great news. If they are not, it is likely on the next spot. This is the same for your business. Positive reviews signal good business.

Other customer reviews serve as a kind of social proof. Some tend to be influenced by the behaviors of some people, which means if some have positive experience with the brand, you will more likely trust it and you would want to give it a try. However, for businesses, collecting some good reviews is not as easy as asking for them. Fortunately, this is where review generation software comes in.

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