While you are planning to go for a locked iPhone 6 because it is available in low rates, do think about its unlocking services. Apple has made significant changes into its hardware and software so that customers may not be able to easily trick up Apple by unlocking iPhone 6 and its partner iphone 6 plus by themselves. If you are also planning to get your iPhone 6 unlocked in upcoming days then we are going to share a proper and valid way of getting your iPhone 6 unlocked in this article. You can also use this website http://www.iphoneosunlockguide.com to unlock your iphone 6.

The very first thing you need to do after getting your favorite iPhone 6 in locked condition is to set it up by following simple steps. Complete the registration process and other stuff by connecting it with your WIFI. Try to avoid public WIFI hotspots because they may extract your personal information while you add everything to your iCloud accounts and other accounts. Make a few calls and text messages from your current cellular services provider to ensure that everything is working properly. You can also connect your iPhone 6 with your laptop to make a connection between iTunes and your new iPhone. This will help iTunes in recognizing your iPhone when you will apply for unlock iphone 6 service.

Now once your new iPhone 6 is ready to be used anywhere in your country, it’s time to file your legal unlocking application. You are not directly able to file this request because Apple does not allows customers to get their iphones unlocked from the company. For this purpose, instead of wandering in markets an finding mechanics to fix this unlocking issue, you must contact a verified and registered company online which offers official iphone 6 unlocking services.

There are many companies online which are offering high quality official factory unlock services of iPhone 6 to customers and you can contact any of them to make a better deal. Mostly these companies are registered with Apple and they can get your iPhone 6 unlocked within a day or two. They also offer you money back guarantee which means if they will fail to get your iPhone 6 unlocked by Apple then you will get all your money back without any deduction. So, this is quite a safe way to get your iPhone 6 unlocked without damaging software and hardware of your iPhone. Just provide the company with IMEI number of your iPhone 6 and rest everything will be managed by them.

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