You might have heard of the Wi-Fi Analyzer tool and wondered how to use the same. We often detect different Wi-Fi devices on our networks. Wireless routers have become essential in most homes. The Android app helps to check certain key settings in order to optimize your Wi-Fi network.

Common problems

Even though our devices automatically detect the available Wi-Fi networks around us, you might find connectivity problems with the connection you choose. This might be due to the strength of the network or interference caused by other networks in the vicinity. In order to help you determine optimal settings and the strength of a network, the Wi-Fi Analyzer tool comes of use.

How to use?

The tool or app designed for Android devices is available for free download through a Google Play store. Once you download the app you can start to sort out the different problems that occur with our specific Wi-Fi connections. In general, as several wireless channels exist in any area, this can result in reduced bandwidth as well as connectivity issue. No wonder then you face problems with downloads or with streaming media content in a continuous manner. The main ways to use the app is given below:

  • Launch the app and go to Channel graph view. Here you can find the Channel rating view by pressing the Menu key on your mobile device.
  • You can select a Channel rating among the list of views available.
  • This helps you to see the strength of your network versus others in the area.
  • If you wish to select your access point you will find an option to select the same among the available settings.
  • Once you have selected the access point that you use, a list of channels will be shown to you which are rated by stars. You will also see the channel that your network currently uses. The Wi-Fi analyzer will recommend channels which are less crowded. There might be 14 channels showing, but not all routers use 14, some go up to 11 only. Some routers are able to AutoScan channels and pick the best channel available. In case the router is unable to do the AutoScan function well, this app allows you to set the channel in a manual mode.

Useful features

There are other useful features offered by the app. For instance, the signal meter view allows you to position your wireless router in a location where signal strength is strongest. You can walk around and check the signal strength through the app in different areas of your home or office. The AP list view makes it easy to go through the details of your wireless network and that of other available networks. You can also make out the security of your network by using this tool. The cipher type can be displayed through this view on the tool. It is definitely a handy tool to use and have on your Android device, especially when your wireless router is acting up or signal strength is failing.

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