Do you struggle typing a single line for an email on your computer? If you are part of the older generation that is starting off with computer literacy, typing becomes a major hurdle. For those who are unused to keyboards, typing emails and even keying in username and passwords can prove to be a time consuming task. For that reason, it is best that you consider enrolling for a touch typing course.

Touch typing and what it is

If you are wondering what the touch typing is it is akin to knowing the navigation of the keyboard without having to consciously type out the letters. If you remember the secretaries of olden days, typing on typewriters, you will remember how they could flawlessly type on without seeming to look at the keys. This is due to a practice which is known as muscle memory. Muscle memory of the hands and fingers allow typists to know where they need to place their fingers without being consciously aware of the same. Professional type writing courses help typists to develop such techniques with different kinds of exercises and techniques.

Touch typing techniques

Touch typing is not a new technique, but dates back to the nineteenth century. The technique started off with the following features:

  • At such a time the QWERTY system of a keyboard layout was first developed. By this method the typists can keep their hands on the home row, which is in the middle section of the keyboard. Their fingers, then reach up or down as required to reach different keys.
  • Any course in touch typing will showcase the keys that are designed in such a layout. Initially the different key or letter placement is showcased. Typists who aspire to learn the touch typing method follow instructions to reach for the keys by keeping both their hands in the middle section of the end of the keyboard.
  • The keys are reached easily without having to move both hands much. At the same time, both hands are used on either section of the keyboard.

The technique helps one to develop skills of typing with ease and by using minimal movements. With repeated practice this method of typing helps individuals to reach a good speed in typing.

Finding a free course

If you are wondering how to get started with a free touch typing course, you need not fret. There are online free courses that can help you get started with this typing method. With effective learning software, your computer will become the trainer for you. The online courses provide instructions, real time assistance in learning to type and provide related exercises. The free courses can be pursued in one’s own time. It will help one to develop their typing skills and speed. With ease of typing, one can pursue different kinds of online activities such as typing out word documents, writing emails, chatting or doing other activities online or offline as well.

It is best to search out a reliable free online touch typing course. You can get started to review and get details of such courses at different educational forums.

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