System integration has always been the key to advances in computer science. It involves merging different devices and applications in developing related software system. In system integration the aim is to ensure that every component works as a module for the application as a whole. A modular system is akin to a computer application that is made up of different components which integrate to form a larger application overall.

How the modular applications work?

Developing modular applications and putting them together is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece of the puzzle has a critical function and role to play in the final development of the product at the end. Computer applications of the advanced kind also include customized products that integrate into basic enterprise systems. These are known as COTS products. Every such product will work with certain business rules and are designed with specific tasks within a larger application.

Benefits of the system on modules

Software components are best used in a modular environment. It also signifies efficient allocation of resources. Logical boundaries are set between the different components in such a system design method. Components are designed with specific functions that define their interaction with different software as well as hardware interfaces. It is also akin to distributed computing. Software modules are spread across different hardware platforms by this design method. With a modular system based approach, there is potential to expand the functions and capabilities in the future. With increases in demand new servers can add on and become part of the distributed architecture framework. This can be done without the need of noticeable changes in the software.

System on module features

Among the Variscite imx6 products the system on module is a flexible product that offers several distinct features. It is based on the 1 GHz Dual core ARM Cortex-A7 processor model. It also works with an M4 co-processor of 200MHz ARM Cortex specifications. With such a set up and being based on NXP/Freescale i.MX 7 category, there are distinct capabilities to experience.

  • Different interfaces can be developed with such processing capabilities.
  • Connectivity of different kinds can be offered.
  • The Variscite SOM product offers interfaces and connections based on optimal use of size and power. As a result, costs of operations also remain optimal.
  • Certified Wi-Fi, dual USB, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, audio and display options are of the latest technology and versions.
  • Embedded applications are well supported by this module.
  • Temperature range is maintained even with industrial grade applications running.

Dependable supplier

You could also review similar products on the official website where Variscite SOM and related products are on display. If you have any queries, get them cleared through their online chat support. It is easy to place your order online and get the applications or modules shipped directly to your work center. Careful handling and promise of damage free units assure to the customers. You can find every product catalog and description on the site to know which product would be ideal for your development work.

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