Look No Further Than Zombietechs for Cell Phone Repair in Schaumburg

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zombielogoHas your Smartphone got damaged from falling on the ground accidentally? Do you find that the ear piece and the mouth piece of your cell phone are not working? Are you not getting any signal on your Smartphone and hence you are not able to make and receive calls? If you find that your cell phone is damaged and is not working like before, then it is time for you to get it repaired. There is no one as popular in repairing cell phone in Schaumburg as Zombie Techs.

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Using PowerPoint Online benefits

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pppWith the versatility of features and ease of use, PowerPoint online is a program that needs no introduction in the corporate or business world. Even with its ease of operation, this program is a powerful tool to use when giving presentation. Presentations are created in order to give a visual kick to any idea that is being presented to others or for convincing potential customers or clients. It offers collaboration tools which are easy to use and access as well as sharing of information through this platform is easily done as well. Here are the key benefits of PowerPoint that one needs to consider.

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No more online stalking!

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yofamA new Cool. Easy. Fun Chat Messenger born as an alternative to the invasive messenger apps we currently use – Join the family!

Yofam is a new chat messenger born as an alternative to the invasive messenger apps we currently use. It’s designed for people who love to be social and independent, for people who enjoy hanging out with friends and family, but can also find pleasure in reading a good book in silence while it rains outside.

For people who love their time, their life, their moments. For people who don’t want to feel controlled 24/7 and want to unleash themselves from the phone for a second to just… breathe!

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Dedicated server web hosting

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server-rows-resizeWhat is a dedicated server web hosting service?

A dedicated server web hosting service is the service which actually leases a dedicated server to you for your needs for hosting website. You actually do not own the server and it is actually owned and managed by the web hosting service. You get the power and flexibility of a dedicated server and that comes at more affordable rate and in a managed way. It is advantageous than buying a dedicated server completely because you do not need to hire any IT guys, take a precious space for accommodating server and set up your own network. The best dedicated server hosting service does the entire job for you and you are relaxed!

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Using Movavi On Mac Is Very Easy Now

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scsm3_en_box_151x202Do you have a Mac operating system? Having a Mac system can be a bit tiring at times because all the software aren’t allowed to be played on this system. There are many times you aren’t able to download certain videos from certain sites because of the protection protocols this system has. Many people like to make educational videos too where they need to explain some onscreen actions but that can only be possible if you have a screen recorder. The problem is that the Mac system doesn’t support all kinds of software.

Fortunately enough for you, the Movavi Screen Capture studio is one software that is acceptable in any operating system. This is a software that is very easy to use and you can use this screen capture software to create some video instructions about how to do things, you can save the videos you make using your webcam and even screen grab on Mac certain things. Grab anything you want! It can be an online video or a Skype call. You can even take snapshots of your screen if you want to. The software comes along with a built in editor for your videos where you can not only polish the video using nice filters, you can make other changes too using the tools given.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder with Intraboom

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SCREENSHOT_HOMEPAGECommunicating and coordinating between teams can be a tedious task, to help small and medium size businesses, Palm Beach based Intraboom launched an affordable cloud-based communication service.

Christine Ziebell, Founder and CEO of Intraboom, says “The beta-phase has been extremely valuable and has helped us perfect our product. A focus group of more than 100 beta-users provided detailed feedback, most of which was extremely positive. More than 80 percent of these users said they would recommend Intraboom to a company or a colleague. During the Beta phase they realised that there were a large number of early adopters and they also realised that there is a huge demand for a product like Intraboom in larger organizations.

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