SuralinkLogofinalSuralink, a software provider committed to helping companies increase efficiency during the document request and retrieval process, is aiming to help revolutionize the way companies and clients exchange information with the platform it launched in 2014. The platform combines a dynamic prepared by client (PBC) list, assignment workflow and secure file hosting to deliver a more efficient and organized engagement.

When using the software platform, companies and their clients can make requests, receive documents, track the engagement status, and manage teams. During these processes, all users have a real time view of document collection. CPA firms are using the PBC file portal for audits, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and tax engagements. While other companies are using Suralink for their own unique document exchange needs.

527551869The software is packed with sophisticated and cutting edge features, including integration with a secure file hosting system for seamless document request coordination, a real-time dashboard, instant notifications of new activity and co-branding. The custom sub-domain provides an added feeling of security for clients and an enhanced user experience.

Most importantly, the software platform boasts state of the art security, daily backups, the latest security standards and other features to ensure the safety of client documents. While in transit, all documents and data are encrypted with the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption algorithms as used in online banking, with up to AES 256-bit encryption. Once the document reaches Suralink’s private network, it is then store at rest with AES 256-bit encryption, and keys are stored safely in a private key store.

Suralink’s software platform is especially essential for CPA firms where duplicate requests and lost files can not only cause friction in client relationships, but also result in lost business. The ability to create custom PBC checklists significantly improves engagement efficiency and client experience.

“We would highly recommend Suralink to any firm out there that is looking for ways to become more efficient and to improve the overall communication with their clients,” said a representative from Stayner Bates & Jensen PC. This is only one of many testimonials the company has received for its PBC file portal.

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