V2Doing the laundry work is a tedious task for many of the homeowners. Despite having a washing machine in the house, there are a few delicate and expensive clothes that cannot be washed and dried in washing machines. You need to dry clean these clothes. If you are not able to keep track of the laundry and dry cleaning services you are using, then you can switch to Washie, a new dry cleaning app that is offered in Hong Kong. With this app, you will not have any problem in keeping track of your clothes that you have given to the laundry services.

Washie is a very convenient and easy to use application that you can use on your Smartphone. You need not be in your house to book for picking up of your laundry. Just tap on the Washie app on your phone, choose a convenient time and the location that you want the Washie driver to pick up your clothes for laundry and dry cleaning. The driver will arrive at your place at the fixed time and will collect your clothes. You will also get intimation through the app once your clothes are ready for delivery. You can opt for the convenient drop time and the dry cleaned clothes will reach your place at the fixed time. The Washie app offers you complete freedom of keeping track of your clothes and one of your household chores is removed for your daily or weekly task.

Washie has tied up with a reputable dry cleaning provider in Hong Kong and hence you need not worry about the quality of laundry and dry cleaning service that you get. The dry cleaning partner is offering regular laundry service to leading five star hotels in Hong Kong.

The Washie app is used not just to book a laundry pick up, but it is an app through which you can track the position of your clothes, make payments and even order changes to your order. Your laundry and dry cleaning service from Washie is just one click away. The Washie workforce is experienced and well trained to deal with all kinds of delicate clothes and garments. Due care is given to every garment and you will not find a better laundry and dry cleaning service than Washie. They offer prompt service and the staffs have undergone rigorous training to handle all kinds of garments delicately.

All your queries regarding laundry and dry cleaning will be answered correctly and politely by the Washie staff.  The interface is so clean and accurate that you can get fingertip details of the time, price and the order flow. A special ‘All you can wash” offer is offered to Washie customers, where users will get the chance to fit as many clothes as they can in a 60cm x 80cm Washie laundry bag that is provided by the service. The charge for the ‘All you can wash’ option is just $99 HKD.

Washie is here to stay and will offer users a host of benefits and quick service when compared to traditional laundry and dry cleaning methods.

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