TextAttakAre you looking to rub salt into the wounds of your friend whose football lost a crucial match? Do you want to send some prank texts and pictures to your friends the easy way? Well, Text Attak is the website to visit to find out the ways you can prank your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. If you have serious enmity with someone, then there are enough GIFs, funny quotes, ridiculous pictures and texts to vent out your anger or to tease your enemies. If you are a wannabe prankster or an experienced one, Text Attak has the right ingredients to make you the most popular prankster in town.

What is it?

You can make use of the Text Attak tool to send about 12 to 15 funny pictures, GIF’s, jokes about popular celebrities, latest trending topics in media, holidays, etc., to your friends. The site is getting developed and most of the images and the funny texts that you see are all created by Text Attak users. The site will make sure that different sets of jokes and pictures are sent every time to your friends.

Easy to Use

Sending a stream of bizarre texts, GIFs, images, pictures and joke to your friends, enemies, or anyone who has a Smartphone is very easy and simple. You do not need to browse the internet to find various memes, GIFs, text message, etc., anymore. Just become a member of the prank texting website Text Attak and you can instantly send some of the attractive, funny pictures and texts to anyone in an instant. Sign up for an account on the Text Attak website. You can then add any attak of your choice from the options available in your cart. Once done, you need to fill your name and the phone number of the recipient you are targeting. Finally, click on send attak and the recipient will instantly get your attak images and messages.

Why use it?

The Text Attak is a fun intended site and is not created to annoy anyone or cause disrespect to anyone. All fun and prank loving people looking for an easy to use tool to send prank messages and images can make use of this application to have fun with friends. There is a certain balance quotient for the pranks on the site. The sender as well as the receiver will find the mms, images, GIFs, etc., funny. You will not feel embarrassed or dejected when using the service.


The funny text pranks offered on Text Attak are licensed from Giphy, Popkey and Imgur. They are updated on a regular basis through their respective APIs. There is no doubt that you will get quality funny content on this site. The payment you make for some of the attak images is safe and secure. It is built on Shopify and the website does not store any of your personal information. If you feel at any moment that he pranks are getting to your head or are not up to your taste, then you have the option to unsubscribe from the Text Attak service. Visit this link textattak.com/unsubscribe to unsubscribe.

There is no doubt that Text attak will become the leading source for quality text pranks and images very soon.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com