fdbltechiimgFriendable is the new social networking app on the block that is fast making its name among the younger demographic. The app has strategically picked on all the things that people prefer in top networking apps and blended it together into one convenient app that allows you to connect with other users on Friendable in every way possible.

What Sets It Apart

With the likes of major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., out there, Friendable is the new app that has all the features people want in a networking app. Its growing user base gives further proof of its popularity which is fast approaching one million users.

Getting the attention of the younger demographic is only the beginning. Here are some of the cool features incorporated in the app which make it so popular amongst its users.

In App Features

Once users download this great app, they can easily be able to make new friends and invite existing ones on the platform as well. Friendable lets you view a friend’s activity, comment on it and be able to start conversations both private and in groups. The app even allows people to send video messages. Users  will always know the location and time their friend’s activity as it will be mentioned right next to it on Friendable.

GettyImages-488576383Meet New People

Every user on Friendable is able to reach out to new people; they get to make a profile that represents their personality for any prospective friend out there.

Make Plans

There is a section of the app ‘Give Gifts’ that is filled with ideas on how to spend the day with your friend. Users even get to gather coins with every option that they pick. Some of the options include hiking and having a coffee.

Location Finder Helps You in a Jiffy

The map is by far the most convenient feature of the app. Users are always looking for apps that help them pinpoint the location of a friend (if they are not able to communicate that themselves). If users go to an event and have trouble finding their friends or where the rest of the group is, you can count on Friendable to resolve the dilemma.

Create Events with Events Guide

Think about it, users in the younger demographic are always trying to find creative and time saving ways to connect to their friends and get a conversation started about an outing or an event. They  know that this would be tough with everyone not knowing about the exact location of the place where they are planning on spending spring break with their friends.

With Friendable, you cut to the chase and make things ten times more convenient for yourself and all your friends. You can easily pick a location through the Event Guide option on Friendable and then invite friends to it. This is by far the best way to get rid of misconceptions and make sure everyone received the directions of the venue. Otherwise, with simple messaging, this task would have taken people a whole day.

Friendable is now a public company trading on the OTC market under the symbol “FDBL”. Additional information about the app, its multi-functioning services and corporate information can be found on their website www.friendable.com.

By Techwacky

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