Things All New Mac Users Should Know When Moving From Windows

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windows_to_mavericksChanging the habit isn’t an easy thing. You have to force yourself to do other things instead of performing things you know very well. This situation is always right, especially when you change your operating system. For example, moving from Microsoft’s Windows to Apple’s Mac OS.

When I start to learn about Mac OS, it’s easy like eating a pancake. I have to learn from the beginning regarding how to use my Mac computer, how to download and install new apps, how to use Print Screen Mac feature, or even how to force apps to quit when it freezes.

It’s hard because most of us are very familiar with how Windows works. We tend to do tasks follow the way we often do in Windows. However, those methods don’t work with Mac OS platform.

In this post, I will introduce further about Apple’s Mac OS and show you a few simple tips to use your Mac. These tips are easy to follow and understand because they are for beginners, like you.

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Get online proofreading services at affordable rates

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proofreading-your-documentsThere are lots of people that are not good at some things, but excellent at other things. Writing is just an example of one of those things. Some are good at writing while some people need help with it. No matter what field you are in, there is some way or form in which you have to write something. When you are in college you need a lot of writing to do. College students have assignments to write, research papers, essays Etc. They cannot afford to write a bad or poor quality essay. A poor quality essay or article can get them to fail in college. Similarly, if you are an employer and you need to present something in the conference room, you need to make sure that your presentation has no flaws in it. Flaws like grammar mistakes, sentence structure Etc. However, there is one thing that a lot of people overlook where writing is concerned. That thing is proofreading. Yes, I am talking about proofreading and its importance. No matter how high quality your article or essay is. If, it has grammar mistakes or misspellings and punctuation mistakes, then your article will lose all its worth. As simple as that. To put it in simpler words, proofreading is what can make and break the impact and impression of your written piece.

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Overseas Online Shopping No More A Pricey Affair!

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usa-shipDo you like to shop online at the comfort of your home, but hate to pay those hefty shipping charges? Or has the seller refused to ship items internationally? Now, you don’t have to worry about it, as the USA Trading International Corp is here to your rescue. In order to save your shipping cost, the company provides you with a dedicated postal address in the United States to accept parcels from American online stores, your business partners, clients or contractors. The company was founded with the mission to become the premier intermediary for online shopping with international clients and US merchants. They ship to 220 countries worldwide, including domestic US shipments. In short, from making sure your items are exactly what you are looking for to getting the best prices, the company takes care of all these things, making your shopping experience worry-free. All you need to do is to register at and shop till you drop!

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Why You Need Tweepi’s Twitter Followers App

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logo-2Twitter is a social media platform that helps one to gain followers for themselves, any business venture or for promotion purposes. However, it is not easy to get followers overnight. For those who are looking to get followers easily can make use of the app called Tweepi. It is an app designed to help Twitter users get more followers on the platform.

What is Tweepi?

This is a tool that makes it easy to get more followers in Twitter. Usually every person has a certain number of followers and list of friends. Again, one might choose to follow topics or celebrities. These accounts again have a number of followers on every platform. It is possible to increase followers exponentially, but it would be hard work when you are doing it manually. Instead, you can easily use the Tweepi tool to get more followers onto your platform.

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Dragon Ninja Rush

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potrait_promoYou might have seen the movies about the ninja and thriller moves. Indeed, there are several mythical stories that surround the ninja clan. The Dragon Ninja Rush is based on the legendary and mythical story of the Dragon Ninja Clan. It surrounds the king and queen of the ninja clan. The players get a ninja and can train in ninja skills in this game. You can race with your ninja as well and have control even when you face different challenges and environments.

How to play?

The game centers on training to gain ninja skills and how to become a ninja master. You are put to the task of racing with your ninja and as you face different environments you will collect gems and gold coins. You will be running, sliding, scrambling, dodging, and dashing against others in this game. There are numerous missions that are fun and fast paced. The ultimate aim of the game is becoming a Ninja Champion. You will be racing and going through different levels as you try to reach the top of the league. There would be several challenges faced by a player as well as rewards to reap when a player clears certain hurdles.

Challenges in the game

The game offers varying levels of obstacles as one race to become a Ninja champion. One would have to figure out the ways to jump, slide and run through different obstacles. There are booby traps galore such as walls, holes and spiky bamboo poles. There might be red bulls lurking around as well as shurikens which are deadly. Among free games it is definitely worth looking at. Those who love ninja games will surely love this game as well.

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Notibuyer – To Do List And Notepad Organizer

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notibuyer_play_coverIn a world where the average person gets overwhelmed by information, technology helps in solving most of the problems. Particularly, in bringing efficiency in planning and a stress free lifestyle. The Notibuyer App is not an exemption. With it, you will get the best platform for organizing your to-do lists, memos, and notes in the most efficient way. The notepad app provides you with simplicity when arranging your tasks and planning your day.

You might be wondering what differentiates it from the average notepad app! Well, it is more than just a notepad application, whereby it serves as your personal assistant and a social platform through circles. It is your personal idea holder that will listen to your commands and transform them into details. In case you want to keep your long shopping list into a memory, without the hustle of typing-in the details, this app is your way to go!

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