martha_on_hoverboardThere are certainly plenty of great websites that offer a deal on a brand new hoverboard without breaking the piggy bank. What you want to look for when shopping to buy hoverboards is selection and price. The best thing to seek is a prominent brand that honors it’s one year warranty and smells legitimate. You want to see a working customer service email and contact phone number.

From my research there is really one brand that stands out above all of the rest because of price, overall quality and the warranty they offer as well as, they have one of the best looking websites out there for affordable hoverboards. That brand is Glidecraft, they have a great selection of classic and bluetooth models as well as 10 inch ones that have utility.  The 10 inch model goes over grass and gravel the easiest. This company is also introducing hoverboard skateboards and electric longboards as can seen from their S600 models.

Besides many articles that say that hoverboards are not legal and there are bans on imports, that is simply untrue, hoverboards are here to stay. After all, the large brands have UL Certifications on the chargers and full boards, it will soon remove the risk of fire on all of these personal mobility machines. Soon the news will be less about hoverboard fires and more about people having fun on one, like this article from Curbed about Martha Stewart riding tipsy around barefoot.

The newspapers continue to focus on the negatives about hoverboards because having enormous fun on one isnt really news to them. A celebrity like Mike Tyson has to fall off one to catch the news. The bottom line here is, I have had my X100 hover skateboard from Glidecraft for months now its endless hours of fun and attention from the public. The only disadvantage which really isnt one at all is that random people on the street stop me to ask if they can ride mine. So go on, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself, you wont regret it!

By Techwacky

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