G700flashlightLumiTact G700 Tactical Flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 LED Flashlight are flashlights that provide great experience to their ursers. With several similarities, the two products are crucial in helping individuals of the United States and globally, deal with issues regarding insecurity, lighting up dark areas, neutralizing opponents, helping when outdoors during day and night and even sending SOS signals. It is fundamental to underline the fact that although the Shadowhawk is available only in the United States, the G700 supplies its flashlights within the United States and internationally.

The fact that both products have LED lighting makes them among the best in the flashlight markets. As such, it is a bit challenging to make a choice between the two products. However, you do not need to become perplexed on the choice regarding, which one is suited for your requirements. A close study of the information discussed therein helps individuals make informed decisions concerning, which one between the two products suits their requirements. Although the two products have several similar features, they have some differences that help in choice of the preferred product.

Although there are many websites that are representation of these cool gadgets, we have identified 2 websites that look to be the official or official affiliated partner websites: https://www.theg700flashlight.com and https://www.thex800flashlight.com


Notably, proficient and well-qualified individuals, who understand the importance of high-end products, manufacture both flashlights. The two products utilize aircraft aluminum, sleek shape, and convenient design. As such, the products have designs that are attractive, eye catching, and irresistible. Since the products utilize aircraft aluminum, they fall under the Military Grade Tactical Flashlights. In fact, the products had restrictions attached to their use until recently when the state lifted the restrictions.

The implication of the restrictions is the fact that indeed the products are excellent in quality and service provision. Principally, with over 600 lumen provided by the two products to their users and the features used in manufacturing them, the products are requirement for every individual. As a result, owning one of the two products is a sure way of achieving safety and security in the advent of a confrontation.

Remarkably, safety and security emanates from the fact that the G700 Tactical Flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 LED Flashlight have beveled edges and a strong ray of light, which facilitates various requirements. By availing a range of services, the user can send SOS signals, light up an area and disorient the attacker, or even use the flashlight to hit the attacker, thanks to the beveled edges of the product.


Although the two products, G700 flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 LED Flashlight, have various similarities that make consumers perplexed when it comes to a purchase, there are features that distinguish them from each other. While the G700 Led Flashlight has 700 lumen, the Shadowhawk X800 prides itself with 800 lumens. In addition, the Shadowhawk has extended length of 6.8 inches, which is about 17.3cm, whereas the Lumitact G700 Flashlight has an extended length of 15.7cm, which equals 6.18 inches. Another feature, which makes the G700 tactical flashlight unique and different from the Shadowhawk, is the design of its LED. Apparently, while the LED designs of the Shadowhawk utilizes the XPE Tactical expertise that of the G700 employs the Cree XM-L T6 to emit its LED successfully.

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