onlinecustomersatisfactionsurveysWhen it comes to any business, customer satisfaction survey is a very important aspect. It is important to do a customer satisfaction survey as it lets you know what your customers think about your product or service. The future success and profits are dependent on the customer satisfaction survey as it provides you a direction. When it comes to the success of any success, the satisfaction of your customers is the most important thing. So, let’s take a look at little customer satisfaction survey software to determine the best in the business today.

Customer thermometer

Let’s first examine the case of Customer Thermometer. This is one of the most popular apps to determine the mood of your customers. It employs a one click feedback tool on the website. If you want to know what your customers think about your product or service, this is the perfect tool. The customers can record their experience with the help of this simple tool. It works better than the conventional survey systems. Most importantly, they are known for their quick process. They provide landing page templates and customizable emails to make it an attractive process. Customer Thermometer is also equipped to send questions via 3rd party applications. So, this application helps you to provide the best response to your customers. This tool is extremely useful in identifying and immediately addressing the unhappy customers. It strives to keep your customers happy. Without any doubt, it is one of the best online customer surveys.

Snap surveys

Now let’s examine the case of The good thing about Snap is that it provides the programmer with a lot of control. It gives plenty of complex skip patterns which make the survey really hassle-free for the customer. Also, Snap allows you to format the survey to your liking to make it look more appealing and professional. However, they don’t score well in support and training departments. If you are looking for a complicated survey, then Snap is the right app for your website. The biggest disadvantage is that it will take some time for you to grasp the working. One should emphasize on the support staff – they are generally helpful, but there is room for improvement.


Now let’s examine the case of The biggest advantage is that you can create surveys in multiple languages with ease. What is the biggest disadvantage? Not having any upgrades available has to be the biggest disadvantage attached to it. As for the software, it is easy to use. As a business owner, you can create surveys with much ease. But it doesn’t have too many good features. Most importantly, it doesn’t have offline collection capability, which is really disappointing. Also, it comes with only two plans and that may not be the most attractive thing. However, it provides all the basic features that you need. It is best suited for small businesses. They provide a tool, with which you can survey your key audience.


We have seen 3 different customer satisfaction survey systems and Customer Thermometer is the winner without any doubt. Customer Thermometer scores basically because of the simplicity.

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