For those who are not familiar with “the former trilogy” of this project, Gears of War 4 is a third-person shooter, suitable for fighter fans and bloody scenes.

The story

It’s clear in the few first frames that the shooter game will be very steep. The plot begins with sketches, telling about what happened before the battle for the planet Sera. Enemies are shooting and attack, and the inhabitants of the planet trying to protect themselves. And then the story somewhat lowers the rate, and the story has already moved into the post-war period.

The story continues 20 years after the events. The planet has changed dramatically. On the street roaming not monsters, but a group of soldiers. The world itself was divided into a coalition and outcasts, people who live against the law. JD joined to one of these groups – he is a son of Marcus Fenix from the trilogy.

The nature of his character is even simpler the father’s. The goals are simple: to save loved ones and find out what the new monsters want. The new hero is not so charismatic. The T-shirt for this game can be taken from Sunfrog.

Gears of War 4 developers didn’t focus the story on him. They emphasize what’s happening on the screen.


Developers obviously didn’t do the job well, when it comes to a simple shooting. The player has to repeat the same action: shoot, reload, and then put out the enemies. But there is an opportunity to ride on the robot, fly long distances on the cable or enjoy shooting when driving a motorcycle. A trifle, but nice!

A single player mode is represented by the following formula with simple rules. The player is invited to create protective fortifications and kill waves of enemies. There are interesting, exciting places, but at the time of the battle in the village against the outcasts, you may fell sleep.

In the Gears of War 4 we should mention maybe the best part – mechanics; it is cool in the game, the camera is not naughty, the character responds to commands immediately. Previously, the character could hide somewhere in the shelter, this is possible in this game also, but only during the holidays.


No matter how all this above sound judgmental, it’s a beautiful game that can give exclusives about the Drake family. The project is actively using the latest version of the Unreal Engine.

The authors of the project, including artists, had the untied hands when it comes to a fantasy flights. Therefore, in the game, you can enjoy the technical part. The game itself may run well on a laptop with a solid configuration. If the developers in the third part of the game failed to show a new technique in the shooter genre in the third person, it’s possible to achieve in this game. This game can be purchased from G2A, you may use G2A coupons to save.

About the positive things: the game has a good storyline. Especially graphics and special effects are just on top. Good dynamics of the events.

A little bit about the shortcomings. Project lacks innovations. Entering the game is a little bit boring.

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