Is it legal to buy and use R4 3DS for 3DS console in Italy? And which is the best R4 card to buy for 3ds 11.3 and the future 11.4 firmware? Answers can be found here.

Is it legal to buy R4 3DS in Italy?

The truth is both R4 3ds and 3ds flash card are illegal to sell for the lawsuit of Nintendo, so you can’t buy the flashcart in most countries of the world locally. But there are still large number of 3ds gamers plan and already buy the R4 3DS flash cards. Why? Because firstly, use 3DS R4 card like r4i gold 3ds or r4i sdhc 3ds on our 3ds, new 3ds or 2ds console we can play Thousands free games, secondly, for a long time, Nintendo doesn’t block any R4 card with all its firmware updating. Lastly, flashcard can promote 3ds sales too, it hacks thee 3ds so users can have more uses of this handheld.

The r4 card is not legal to selling in Italy, but for customers who buy it online, you will not be influenced.

Is it safe to use 3DS R4 card on 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS consoles in Italy?

Yes, no matter you setup the 3ds r4 card on 2ds, 3ds/3ds xl or new 3ds/new 3ds xl machine, these gaming handhelds can be used like normal. Ban from Nintendo, console bricked or can not play online, these problems won’t be happen. Just make sure you choose the working R4 flash card for your any 3ds handheld system device. The current popular 3DS R4 flash cards are here to check.

  • R4I GOLD 3DS(from
  • R4I SDHC 3DS(from
  • R4I GOLD PRO(from
  • R4I GOLD EU 3DS(from
  • R4I SDHC RTS LITE(from
  • ACE3DS PLUS(from

Which is the best R4 card for 3ds 11.3 and 11.4 firmware versions?

R4I 3DS RTS 3DS, also can be called R4 3DS for short, the card comes from old and active team The lastest kernel is V1.84b that brings the best game compatibility and the most stable performance on New3DS. It with all functions of RTS, Cheat, homebrews and the added Wifi Download Engine. and the most important part, R4I SDHC RTS 3DS supports more DS Games than any other R4 above. Judged by both price and card quality, R4I 3DS is the best one for supporting 3ds 11.4 and 11.3.

The R4 3ds flashcart is very cheap, but you can enjoy more than 5000+ free DS games. We know that one good game is not only the UI, but the game itself. So for kids the DS games are enough. It’s more easy to console and many wonderful games to help the kids to get fun and knowledge.

  1. Special Feature: Unique Wifi engine support gamers search and download free NDS Games from its official sites to certain computers directly and smartly.
  2. Adanvced RTS function: Support up to 4 real-time save files and allow users to activate/deactivate/modify user cheat at any point of the game.
  3. Users’ feedback: Compared with other 3ds xl r4 flashcard, users of r4i sdhc rts 3ds xl reports the least problems and bugs. Most of them play DS Games well with the card.

R4 3ds can not read 3ds games, so if you want to play free 3ds games, then sky3ds+ will be a right choice.

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