doubledecker_iconThe popularity of car racing games is well known the world over. The thrill of speed, race and chase on the virtual screens is something that becomes addictive for most people. Several youngsters as well as adults are found to be playing racing car games for hours. While most car racing games are designed to be driven by racing cars, here is a unique game that allows one to explore the fun of driving a double decker bus. The game is called “Bus Simulator Racing

This gaming app acts as a simulator for driving a double decker bus. That makes the experience of driving the bus akin to a real life challenge. For those who have always wondered how it feels to drive a double decker bus down roads or through bridges will be able to experience the same virtually. The game being designed as a simulator incorporates the real life challenges that are faced by any driver who is trying to steer a double decker bus. With the added height and bus dimensions, the gaming experience is completely different from mere car racing games.

Features of the game

There are several features to look out for in this game:

  • The game is ideal for children as it is designed around a school bus which needs to get the children to safety.
  • You could need to learn the control functions of the bus unlike other racing games.
  • There are fun challenges like crossing a bridge in tough weather conditions.
  • The game incorporates challenges like driving in different timings of the day or night as well as in different weather conditions.
  • There are levels of difficulty that are incorporated in the game to keep up the addiction of those who get into the game.
  • Cool graphics and real life animation makes the game a life like experience.

Indeed, among the addicting games that you play you are likely to add this game to that list as well. You will learn as well, the physics of controlling a double decker bus that offers unique challenges as compared to simply pretending to drive a car as in racing games. There are realistic controls which allow you to steer, drift as well as maneuver by tilting the phone or tablet on which you are playing the game.

Levels to look out for

If you are wondering what can be difficult about the game, all you need to do is try it out. From the first steps of struggling to master the controls of the double decker bus to trying to steer the bus to safety while driving over a bridge, there are life like situations created to add onto the challenges for the gamers. The game has several levels as well as options to compare scores with other players. You could even reach the Hall of Fame if you are competent enough to overcome the challenges.

Among the free games for car racing, Bus Simulator Racing is definitely a unique game that would be loved by adults and youngsters alike.

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