featureGraphicDo you remember the times when video games were just evolving? They used to be mere pictures in pixels and nothing more. That itself used to render themselves as addicting games for kids as well as adults. The pixels represented simple images of robots, animals, humans and other landscape components. The retro games and hand held devices of yesteryears can now be found in the museums of online games and technology.

Today games for kids have evolved much. The grpahcis and animations have brought about limitless possibilities. One can even have games in different dimensions, making the game playing an immersive experience for sure. Among all the different games for kids that are out there, racing games are deemed most popular among the game for kids. These can be addicting games, being played for hours by children, especially boys.

About the game

If you wish to relieve the retro game style of pixels you could take a look at this new game that is available in the free games category. It is categorized among the games available for kids and it is easy to see why. The pixelated game allows one to jump vertically and emerge on adventures in the surreal world. By jumping high one can leap to the top of the league. Reflexes can be tested by this game. You will be able to test your reflexes against movement as well as time. That makes it one of the addicting games of all.

How to play?

mygraphic1The game centers around a robot character made of pixels. The robot needs to jump out as well as in the circle in order to collect points. The screen needs to be tapped to make the robot jump. The play rule of the game prohibits one to touch the circle or else scores are deducted. You could also be playing against others and gain ranking in a global scale. As a result, boys and girls will have great fun playing the game. They can log online and share their scores as well. The competition is never ending and that makes it one of the fun and addicting games to have around.

Different features of the game

The game differs from the latest games as it offers a simple background with a retro feel and pixels. There are colorful and cute robots to play with. The main aim of the game is to collect points. There are levels of the game as well which you will go up as you collect more points. The game is easy to play as there are simple touch controls which are easy to comprehend, even for little ones. The grpahcis of the game consist of smooth animation as well as there are colorful visuals that appeal to the players. The game is optimized for playing on the tablet where the gaming experience is more enhanced. The background music is soothing and retro which adds to the appeal of the game. There are updates added from time to time to make the game better as well.

FREE Download (Google Play Store): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixel.robot.jump


By Techwacky

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