df6afc_b1e4a2dfeb4249ebae41b87ed02b0f82These days, online games have been very popular and very interesting especially to the young generation.  As with continues increasing of games over the internet, there are no doubts that it catch the attention of people worldwide.

Recently, more and more players are becoming addictive on these so-called flash games. When we say flash game, they are simply interactive games which is made for  mobile and online applications  through  Adobe-owned and Macromedia-developed type of software.  A good example of it is Bad Ice Cream.

What’s good about this flash game is that, it is originally from hit producer Nitrome, well-known for other flash-based video game games like Thin Ice and Turnament. Just like with these popular flash games, Bad Ice Cream do have many great features to offer.

 How to play this game?

As soon as the game is  loaded, you should use the  button for  ”Click to Lick” for you to reach the menu of the game. Take note, you can enjoy playing with or without a companion. Right after clicking the button for “Play”  on the main menu , you may now select the number of the players, chapter as well as the color of the ice cream. This game do have 40 levels , all packed with exciting twist. You must be able to complete every level, one at a time. The first player must use W, A, D, S keys. On the other hand,  2nd player should us the Arrow keys to navigate in the  game.  In addition to this, you may make or break ice blocks if you’d like to through key F for the first player and then Space or Enter for the second player.

Moreover, thousands of happy online gamers would tell that playing the game are really exciting, and not isn’t bad to what you are expecting. Bad ice cream is a game, which is based on two cones of ice cream running around as well as collecting many fruits because of unknown reason.  It is very clear on playing the game that gathering it all as many as you can gets a win and will help you move to the next challenging level.  Therefore, it is very important to collect all the fruits to ensure your successful game through.

Aside from that, another good thing about the game is, it is fairly very simple and easy to learn and play. You only need to hold on your computer keyword to manipulate and successfully play the character, you need to blow ice cream blocks to stop those game enemies and look or create path for you to successfully go and pick up all the fruits you need to win the game. As you continue with the levels, you may expect to stop enemies that comes your way. Use your playing skills in order for you to reach your goal.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com