12115936_1077316252287452_4866355655931372167_nIt’s fair to say that Google Earth was revolutionary. It transformed a map from being something restricted to a specific area, to allowing people to view the details of streets in any country in the world, and even walk along on simulated versions of them. A similar concept is now in the works that could be applied to computer games. Illinois-based NGO the Kybernan Corporation is currently attempting to gain funding via Kickstarter to create a piece of software that aggregates existing maps, demographic info, etc. to enable players to play in simulations of any location on earth. The idea is that instead of being limited to pre-programmed locations and characters, they will be able to play as themselves in their own hometowns. Existing data from services such as Google Earth and Google Maps will be used to render detailed cityscapes.

Once this software has been funded, society could potentially use it for numerous other purposes. The Kybernan Corporation also has a variety of related projects currently in the idea stage, for example the Kybernan Holographic Knowledge Engine, a piece of software that could potentially simulate the global economy, and Kybernan Interactive Public Policy Web Portal, an online platform aimed at improving lawmaking. In addition to these developments, the Foundation has come up with an interesting theory involving the relationship between entropy and intelligence that has amazing potential. This is a project that could potentially lead to so many great developments. Check it out yourself at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1209540437/kybernan-holographic-gaming-network

By Techwacky

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