Android is the operating system that is on many types of smartphones and tablet devices, but they are all called Android devices, even though the hardware is created by different companies. This is not like the iPad and iPhone, which only has one manufacturer. Some of the apps listed below have a version available on the iPad/iPhone too.


This is a free app and is perfect for those days when you forget your scientific calculator. You can dispense with your scientific calculator altogether if you like, and just use this instead. However, it serves as a temporary replacement rather than a full-blown replacement.

You are better off if you are more accustomed with using a scientific calculator anyway, because your examiners will not allow you to take a handheld device into a test. They will only allow a scientific calculator.


Instead of being an artificial intelligence that teaches you things, it is a way to create and store flash cards to help you memorize things. It is better than drawing flash cards out by hand, but should probably be reserved for those people who are phone addicts.


This is a very clever app that would have cost you $3000 ten years ago. It allows you to use your android to take a photo of some text–however, it focuses in on the text so that it looks almost like you scanned the text. It identifies the corners of the bulk of text and then increases the focus on the bits in the middle.

The result is a photo of text that you can easily read and zoom into. This is handy for a massive number of things, from snapping pictures of someone else’s homework when they are distracted, to scanning a page from a textbook that you think may help you.


As you know–if you want to open PDFs then you need a viewer, if you want to open a word file you need some sort of Microsoft program, etc. With this app you can open a good range of documents without having to download their associated software. This includes things such as PowerPoints, PDFs, any word document, etc. It will however need an Internet connection to work.

ColorDict Universal Dictionary

This app is a condensed catalog of a number of dictionaries. You do not need an Internet connection in order to use it. You simply put your work in and it searches through its offline database for an answer.


It is a weird kind of encyclopedia; it is not without its charms.


This is a little like a calendar app that allows you to set reminders and tasks. For example you could use it like a diary, and enter in when your coursework is due. You can track the days you go to class against the days that you don’t.

You could enter in the date of your final exams. You can remind yourself of things a few days before they are due–just in case you are a forgetful sort of person.

Android SMS Backup

This is for those people who save messages and notes on their phone. This app will back them up for you, so that if you entered things such as your final exam date then it will still be on your phone – even if you accidentally delete the original message. You can also gain access to them (and your photos) if you lose your phone because they are saved online too.


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