Best Call Center Software of 2016

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The call center technology involves programs and systems that monitor the delivery of calls as well as routing of calls through a telephone network. Programs that monitor logging of calls made by agents also form part of the call center setup or technological framework. The technology for call center comprises of automatic call distributor, interactive voice response, customer relationship management and computer telephony software.

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Book Meeting Spaces on Demand in a few Swipes with Bizly App

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screen322x572If you are serious about your business, its image is very important to potential partners and to your clients. It is important to note that business deals begin with crucial meetings where crucial decisions are taken and you should ensure that your brand image is in synced with where in conduct your business meetings.

To make things easier, there is BIZLY – a mobile app that lets you instantly book small meeting rooms (with capacity of under 40 people) in some of the best hotels in New York City.

This app which is now available of Apple Store allows users to compare prices of meeting rooms and their availability. You now no longer need to have long correspondence or make endless calls or hire consultants to fix your business meetings. You can do everything from your end now thereby saving you not just time but money as well. The BIZLY app also offers last-minute meeting rooms at lowest rates for even if you book within a week!

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Metals For Cost-Effective 3D Printing Technology

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sinteringThe biggest challenge when it comes to 3D printing is optimizing powders. But this can be solved not just by increasing the number of powdered metals but by using alternative metals which are more cost-effective. Many 3D Printing Costa Mesa companies these days use an atomizing process wherein a molten metal gets converted into a powdered metal that can be used in 3D printing projects. The whole idea is really focused on optimization. When it comes to alloy elements, you have to understand the chemistry.  So for powdered feedstock, a lot of companies are now developing powders in all sizes and shapes that can be utilized for 3D printing. Most of the time, these are made from aluminum, titanium, and nickel-based alloys which are great for 3D printing.

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Just like Edward Snowden: Communicate securely

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welcome_screenAn ever-growing number of intensive discussions conducted these days analyze whether mobile communication is still a private or rather a public matter. It is no surprise mobile content is easily accessible to third party monitoring, therefore applications preventing such unsolicited behavior are the ideal solution.

Eavesdropping and communication monitoring is no longer merely a spy movie script. Despite encryption assurance from popular communication apps such as WhatsApp or Viber there seems to be a growing uncertainty about how is our data processed, even worse whether it is being submitted to third parties.

Complementary applications with independant encryption models preventing leaks from email, social networks and other forms of communication platforms are the appropriate answer. Asyric, a newly introduced mobile application by the Slovak developer, represents a gamechanger in the market. Asyric team claims, it is impossible to break the cipher with recently available technological capacities. Encryption experts assume the same for the next 20-30 years to come.

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

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scsm3_en_box_151x202Have you tried to use screen capture software on your Mac in the past only to find that it was either too technical or simply wouldn’t record the footage that you needed properly? Whether you were looking to create your very own video tutorial or simply wanted to grab videos from YouTube or even record Skype calls – screen capture can come in handy, if only it were easier.

Essentially, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac addresses that perfectly by providing a simple, straightforward and intuitive software that makes recording video footage easy and yet effective. The first thing that you’ll notice when you launch it is the fact that its user interface is designed to be accessible, and in just a few clicks you’ll be able to set the capture region, choose the audio source, select the frame rate, and start recording.

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