logistics2_1Many people find it easier to purchase the various items they need from online stores and internet market places. However, shipping the items to your preferred destination may be a problem when you are located overseas. Most of the internet stores are not able to deliver the items to the international customers due to huge shipping tariffs or as they do not have a U.S address.

Selling through Online Stores

Logistics Network plus LLC is a mail forwarding service which can help the companies to reach the customers faster by providing customizable logistics. This service offers automation of purchase orders and provides real time shipping tariffs and inventory status, which will help your customers to make the right decision of purchasing the items from your store. The knowledge and experience of this mail forwarding service can fix any deficiencies in your company’s ability to ship the items to international or regional locations.

Optimizing the Transportation

It is necessary to pack the goods to be transported in the right type of protective packaging and find the fastest and cheaper route for delivering the mail to the correct address. Logisticsnetworkplus.com can track any backlog in orders your company is experiencing and can place the items in convenient warehouses so that they will be forwarded to the address at the earliest. Our staff can help you to select cost–effective vehicle and cost effective packaging options.

Better Management of Business

The right mail forwarding service can help you in managing your online business in a better way. Logistics Network Plus can track record of your supply chain, inventory and orders  and this will help in monitoring the demands, responding to the demands and orders from multiple channels and achieving timely delivery of the goods.

Adapting to Customer Requirements

The success of any business depends on the company’s ability to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Professional packaging of the mails and proper routing of mail forwarding can create a good impression about your company. Features offered by logistics network plus such as E-mails sent to the customers and to you to confirm shipment, adding stickers and advertising inserts to promote your company and its products and enabling the customers to edit the details of the order or cancel them, gift wrapping the items according to customer needs etc can make the customers remain loyal to you.

Warranted Shipment

The shipment of the mails carried out by this company is covered by the warranty offered by the company. We make sure that any order received by us will be shipped on the same day and we try to maintain 100% accuracy in the delivery address. We offer great quality mail forwarding service that will make your customers remain satisfied. We are able to cover the regional addresses within two working days and we provide necessary delivery support for international shipping of the items. Our forwarding agents are placed in various trade zones in the world and you will be able to avoid custom duties by opting for our mail forwarding service.


By Techwacky

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