productThose who use fiber optic cables are aware if the fact that it should be kept clean. The main purpose behind keeping it clean is to maintain them so that they can work properly. The user should make sure that the connectors are well functioned before mate. If will be clean properly then the work performance will be of high quality. Always make it clear and keep it away from dust because the fiber optic is very much sensitive and the user may have to face many problems including put of the system if there is sign of dust. It causes your system to turn into completely useless by scratching on the sensitive surface.

How to use a one-click fiber optic cleaner

The use of one click fiber optic is not very tough. The cleaning of optic connectors has become very simple by the use of one click process.  The process of the cleaner is straight forward.

  • Do not forget to open the ending portion or cap of the cleaner
  • In order to make it clean insert its ending portion into connector
  • Keep pressing the cleaner until you receive the sound of click and after that whole process come to an end.

Always be conscious when you handle the fiber optic in order to avoid damage in alignment sleeves and end faces of ferrule. To get long service and effective result you should use proper technique with the help of one click. It is especially important with MU, LC version as tip of the cleaner is less than 1.25 diameters.

Correct use of one-click cleaner

The process of cleaning is understood when the keep pressing it into the connector until get the sound of click. It is sign of completing the operation. One of reliable manufactures, Syoptek produces high quality click fiber optic cleaners and one-click cleaners at a low price by selling products to users directly. And its official website is

Incorrect use of one-click cleaner

The user sometime do not use the one click cleaner properly and make mistake like wrong insertion of the angle, forcing the cleaner tip in a wrong direction. If off axis cleaner is pressed towards the connector then there is probability to break the tip and get damaged. It can be damaged by twisting, breaking, scratching, or bending. There is possibility of arise other problems like fuzzing or breaking the string of the cleaner, making cleaner inoperable.

Proper technique must be used. The capacity of one click cleaners is to clean more than 500 connectors. The use of low quality of technique may harm to the cleaner make its life shorter than usual.

Things to know

The equipment of the customer is protected by the design of the cleaner. It absorbs the excess stress which comes from off axis insertion and does not transfer into alignment sleeve.

How to clean a one-click fiber optic cleaner

The optical port and the connector of the fiber optic should be clean before testing or connection. It is very important that the end face of the fiber optic must be clean. The damaged end face directly affects the optical performance.

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