iphone data 1Your iPhone is an essential part of your life – its communication, a calendar, calculator, notepad, and everything in between. Many iPhone users store a plethora of vital information on their phone, without ever thinking about backing it up or preserving this necessary data elsewhere for protection. It can be devastating if you lose that information, and it would be almost impossible to recover and rebuild everything that you have stored on your phone, from contacts to notes to business information. However, sometimes unfortunate things happen, and whether due to damage or user error, data can be deleted from an iPhone – and seemingly lost forever.

However, there is good news! If you have lost essential information from your phone, you can utilize the iPhone recovery tool to get back all the vital data that seems to be lost in the void! Best of all, it’s incredibly simple to download iPhone recovery software and retrieve deleted data using the recovery tool to retrieve all data and contacts.

Simply download iPhone recovery software, such as Wondershare Dr.Fone or iFoneMate onto your computer. Both of these iPhone recovery softwares are compatible with almost all computer systems, whether you use Windows or Mac, making it easy to retrieve your data using the simple recovery tool.

To use both of these recovery tools, simply visit the website www.iphonerecoverytool.com and select which iPhone recovery software you wish to download. Wondershare is ideal for older iPhones, up to the iPhone 4, and iFoneMate can recover deleted data from newer iPhones, so just select which one you have based on the phone that you’re using.

Next, determine whether you are trying to recover data through a Windows PC or a Mac operating system – both recovery tools are compatible with either operating system, and you’ll just need to select which one you’re using and then click the corresponding download button.

Once you have downloaded the iPhone Recovery software, open up the iPhone recovery tool and connect your iPhone device to the computer using a sync cable.

The recovery tool will link to your iphone and display a message indicating that your device is connected, and you can simply select “Start” to begin retrieving data from your iPhone, including text messages, contacts, and even notes and calendar events.

Once the scan is completed, you can select the data that you want to recover – whether only certain pieces of information or all of it. Your data has been retrieved!

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com