Choose The Best Lightning Headphones For Your iPhone 7

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Are you looking to switch to Apple iPhone7 or iPhone 7S? Well, there is no harm in switching to a better and modern day phone. One thing that you should be aware of, if you do not know already, is that Apple has done away with the 3.5mm audio jack on Apple iPhone 7. Therefore, you will not be able to plug your favorite earphone on the Apple iPhone 7 or 7S device to listen to music or attend calls using headphones. Apple has provided a lighting connector or lighting port to the iPhone 7 and its higher end versions. This has replaced the 3.5mm audio jack port. You need to buy lightning headphones and connect it through the new lightning port to listen to songs or make calls using headphones.

Why Lightning Headphones Are The Best Option?

The ditching of the 3.5mm audio jack port in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was not well received in the first place. But, once people started to know more about its benefits and starting using the lightning headphones and the lightning connectors, they started to enjoy what is being offered. The benefits that you will get by using the lightning connectors to connect the all new lightning headphones are as follows.

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Rocket League – Another Great Offering From G2A

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Well, we will start with driving. Driving is indeed an enjoyable experience as you can control the cars with lot of ease. How do you accumulate boost? All that you have got to do is to drive over markers on the arena floor. We have to tell you that it’s such a feeling to get that boost when you are on the pitch. As far as matches are concerned, they take place in enclosed and smooth spaces. As a result, you can drive across ceilings and up walls. Cars are also capable of dodging and jumping. You can these two actions for both defense as well as offense. You can apply boost to jumps and that is something we really enjoyed. Without any doubt, we can tell you that it was a pleasing experience.

Speaking of the ball, it has a beefy, fat bounce. It gives a perfect contrast to the light feel of the cars. You might be wondering why we are spending so much on cars and balls. Well, these two are the dominant factors on the field. As we have already mentioned, both feel great. Another great thing about the whole experience was the intuitive & crisp camera. The camera gives a perfect view of the ball at all times, making it easy for you to focus on it while doing other antics. And you can switch to the standard camera. This view is needed to smash into other vehicles and defend your goal. You don’t have any weapons in this game. But certain markers are so powerful that you can eliminate few other players. However, it’s not a deadly elimination. You can come back to the game after a short break. You will keep scoring goals as you keep driving. But yes, you have to be always careful about the deviation in the form of destruction. We have played several games and realized that it was not that bad on that front.

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A New Mobile App is Launched for Caterers by Caternow

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Caternow – An Airbnb for catering in Australia is a bootstrapped startup situated in Melbourne. They have as of late propelled mobiles applications for their caterer partners (nearby food providers, eateries, bistros, sustenance trucks and wine providers).

Current CEO of Caternow “Divyesh Amipara” says the thought is to make food providers life simple with the versatile application so they can deal with their orders effortlessly.

The versatile application for Android cell phones is accessible from Google Play and for Apple/iOS cell phones it is accessible on Apple Store.

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Should A Startup Outsource Software Development?

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There are many startup ventures that are online businesses these days. Whether you have an online venture or an offline business, chances are that your website is crucial for your commercial existence. For such purposes it often becomes perplexing for those who have a non technical background but have to consider running an online website.

Difficulties that startup owner’s face

Most web hosting companies offer comprehensive packages for getting a domain registered, websites up and running and their promise background support and so forth. If you opt to do the website development work and other associated requirements by yourself, you might find yourself in a rut sooner or later. For instance, there are several background code development and script setup work that is too technical for one to learn and execute on the go. Even if one gets a basic website setup and running, there are other additional coding, scripting and software related requirements that will keep emerging.

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Benefits Of A Content Delivery Network

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When we talk of content delivery network it is usually about distribution of content over a network. This could comprise of web servers that are distributed over a large geographical area. The aim of such a network is to ensure that content is efficiently delivered to n number of users. There are certain benefits that such a network provides.

Benefits of CDN

When a content delivery network is used there are several benefits to users.

  • Content can be in the form of large downloads. With a CDN framework the downloads are shifted from one server to several servers that are spread out in different locations.
  • End users will not notice the difference, but find that content is downloaded efficiently and without disruption.
  • CDN service can be obtained from different service providers, especially when one is in the business of distributing software in multimedia or video format and in other forms.
  • There are certain problems that hypertext transfer protocol poses which are mitigated to a large extent by content delivery network services.

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How To Make Your Headphone Wireless In Home – Step By Step Guideline

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Besides the availability of the wireless headphones / stereo-phones/headsets in the market, old and weird headphones available at home can be made wireless by some expenditures and available tools at home just by understanding the simple technical details and circuits. They are very convenient to use and are ideal for watching movies, listening music without sitting near to a computer or a T.V. A wireless headphone does not require any wires or cables. They only have a transmitting unit known as the base unit. The audio device is connected to the base unit and the sound is transmitted from the base unit to the headphone with the help of radio waves or infrared rays. The transmitter emits the waves and the headphones receives it and converts it into sound which we in-turn hear in the form of sound. Both, the headphone and transmitter are battery operated.

Headphones initially originated from the earpiece and were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before the amplifiers were developed. The main requirements for making a wireless headphone are described as follows.


  • Old Headphone: an old and a weird headphone that is of no use.
  • Bluetooth Device and speakers: with which the headphones are to be connected.
  • Soldering stuff: a soldering iron, soldering flux, soldering wires of various gauges, de-soldering pumps.
  • Pliers, screw drivers,cutting blade: for opening and sealing of the devices in use.

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