main-qimg-0b81cab31830bc28bcc934fec1a87df2It might not be as easy as it might seem to write anything and voice your opinion on what matters in society. Many of us think that the internet should be the ideal platform where free speech can be put across on any topic. However, just as other forms of media are plagued by the constraints and rogues of corporate and political lobbies, today the world of internet is also no longer a safe and impartial ground anymore.

Knowing your rights

Countries like US where the 1st Amendment protects the power of free speech, even here there are powerful multinationals against which voices are raised but these are shot down by litigations and legal onslaughts that are made against the web hosting companies. For these reasons, if you are planning to host a website on free speech, you would have to do considerable research to find the right kind of web host provider who would have the requisite tools and provide you the support you need to run your website. Again, if you are a resident of any other country, you need to know your rights as a legal citizen as well as the rights that pertain to publishing information online.

The steps you need to take

It is easy to find free website resources these days. Many web hosting companies offer free, basic website setup tools and templates. You can choose a basic web hosting plan to get started. However, the kind of content you publish on your site will have repercussions consequently. If you are lashing out against a corporation, your website would be tracked, and your web host might be targeted for harassment. For these reasons many web hosting companies offer specific anonymous support and VPS services to those who wish to post free speech on the internet.

What is free speech hosting?

For the above reasons, the companies that specialize in free speech hosting provide the following services:

  • They offer anonymous VPS hosting.
  • Remote hosting servers are located in countries like the Netherlands or US where free speech is supported.
  • Anonymous and secure hosting through remote servers is offered.
  • Customer information is protected.

These are some of the benefits offered through specific packages targeted for free speech website owners. The web masters understand the implications of violating free speech terms in a country. They accordingly have hosting servers located in places where they can get legal protection.

Finding a reliable service provider

If you are looking to host a website that might have controversial content, you need to take care. The first step would be to find a reliable webmaster like Liberty VPS who would support your site with the right legal protection and support. Webmasters who can provide remote server assistance and protect customer information are ideal for such website owners. It is necessary to read through the terms and conditions before you make a decision. It is also important to check the existence of the hosting servers and the country’s stance against free speech. Many free speech web hosting companies offer affordable shared and VPS hosting plans.

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