img_20160728_035343If you look around, everyone stays glued to the television set for hours in a day. Recent studies reveal that an average citizen in America does not spend less than four hours and more watching TV in a day. The power of entertainment of the TV set cannot be discounted. Imagine the same set offering you all your favorite movies and shows for free? That is an incredible offer these days as most of us have to pay quite a lump sum for cable TV and satellite channels to stream into our living rooms.

Many people might seem skeptical with the notion that they would get to watch free movies and shows for free as nothing really comes free in this world. However, with advances in technology, free cable might be a possibility. Nielsen reports show that streaming ventures online such as Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are accessed by more than 50% of households in America. These are digital streaming content which is fee based and depend on the kind of shows or subscription packages you want to take up. An average fee of $1200 for such subscriptions in a year is a familiar trend these days.

With digital giants in the entertainment industry dictating the views, downloads and streaming content, many are not aware of access to shows and movies or free online streaming through a unique device called GBoxx Media Launcher. It is a device that can provide all kinds of access to entertainment on your TV set. From the latest blockbuster movies, to the latest shows on different channels, you can get it all on the GBoxx. You can view the different sports events, free TV series and international as well as the local channels with this device.

So what do you need to get started? You need to purchase the GBoxx which is a mere plug and play device. It will help you access all kinds of shows and movies online and that too for free. There would not be monthly or yearly fees to pay or subscription fees of any sort. You get everything you want on demand and watch them as and when you want to. Everything is available on GBoxx and there are no charges extra or hidden that come up only after purchase and use of the device.

You will gain access to about thousand TV channels shown across several countries and in different languages. You can access Latin TV, European TV, and Arabian TV and Asian TV channels as well. It is possible to watch TV series in real time as well as catch up on them as and when you want to.

You can easily purchase GBoxx from wherever you are and get it delivered to your home. It works with TV as well as with any Android device. It promises to offer entertainment to your life like you have never experienced. It comes free of streaming charges and will save you from the subscription cost you incur every month and year.

Get it today and transform your living room entertainment!

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