flvtoHave you found YouTube to be the platform that has it all? If you love watching videos of the latest songs or catch glimpses of the latest movies or the old ones, they are all there on this versatile platform. That is not all. From cooking videos to tips on how to solve a software issue on your computer as well as implementing game hacks for your video games, these are all available on YouTube.

The problem that we all face

Though online connection has vastly improved all over the world, you are still paying for the data downloads that take place every time you browse, open a video, play a playlist on YouTube and do more. And it is addictive as lists and mixes are conjured up on this site which makes it hard to let go after listening to one song or watching a single video. You end up spending considerably on your data connection or using up your allotted WiFi by the time your month is over.

A modern solution

Most people have already struggled to find ways to download video from YouTube and make them playable on the different media players. There are free downloader tools as well as convertor tools but most come with a limit to the number of videos you can download or convert. What’s more, no single tool does it all. Hence, you would have to download songs from YouTube in a certain format and then convert to the format you want with another tool to make them playable on different platforms. That is a lot of work. To make it all easy, the free web based application flvto downloader is here.

What it offers

This tool seems to be a dream come true for most people. It does everything that you were doing with several tools. Not only can you directly download any video or music file and others from YouTube, it also provides option as to how or in what format you wish to download the file. Hence, you could directly download a video in mp3 format through this tool and save it likewise on your local computer or cloud.

How it works

The application makes it easy to download YouTube videos, music files and all and it can do several downloads together. You need not wait for one download to finish for another to start. Again, the downloads happen faster than older applications. As a result, even if you are downloading Vevo videos of HD quality and large file sizes, the download process will be faster than what you have experienced in older applications. You can choose the format you wish to download the files so that conversion takes place automatically.

Different versions for different platforms

The developers of this application have not deprived any major platform user of this handy tool. The tool is available for Mac, Windows laptops as well as for mobile platforms. You can surely enjoy the downloads on any platform and save your favorite files for viewing later at your leisure.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com