Search-Engine-optimizationIn more than one ways, the Search Engine Optimization industry doing great. Though the industry is doing better, there is always room for improvement. Theoretically, there are ways that the industry can negotiate with future challenges. Due to constant innovation an emerging trends, the SEO industry will embark on new methods to capitalize on these trends. Here is what the industry is currently doing and will do so in the near future:

Current Trends: The Pigeon update
Lately, the SEO industry has seen the emergence of some interesting concepts. For instance, Google has launched the Mobilegeddon update package that require SEO professionals to update their websites. This has paved way for website penalizing along with quality algorithm among other updates. Websites that don’t comply mobile viewership are to be penalized. Similarly, Google’s pigeon update has paved way for more accurate, relevant and useful search results that is tied with search engine rankings. The improvement also brings more accurate search results for Yelp and other communities. Moreover, the tool supports higher search engine recognition for local directories such as TripAdvisor, 
UrbanSpoon, Zagat and others.
The Content
Upon submitting a query to a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), the user expects to only see relevant results. No website is complete without content. A precise and well written, spam free content can rightly be termed as the king in the search engine market. Truly, the content is and will remain the key component in SEO industry. The moment a search engine receives a query, it is meant to bring out precise, spam free results. Internet searchers expect the search engine to only produce relevant content. There will be queries and followed by results. A precise, authoritative content will always win over a spammy, low value and news flash type one. This is why, the process of refining search engine algorithms will continue in the future as well.
Quality Backlinks Always Work
If you think your cheap $10 package that promises you 10,000 backlinks will rank your page higher, think again. Google is smart enough not to let such packages get away with spamming. The first thing they’ll do is to weed out your package and will keep it that way. Try obtaining quality, relevant backlinks for your page. Again, publishing great content on your page is the key to getting quality backlinks. Guest blogging is another way to secure authoritative backlinks on your page.

The SEO Future

Multi-platform Optimization
Today, even a casual user browses the internet on many platforms. This helps developers to optimize websites that can be viewed from any platform. For instance, you would be viewing pages on your smartphone or tablet PC or laptop simultaneously. This is one feature that every website owner would love to have. Webpages that are optimized to be viewed on multiple platforms are getting trendier. This will increase website ratings and pave way for improved user experience. With the advent of Yelp and Google Places that are to be used as third party information sources, work on true multi-platform optimization is already underway.
More Social Activity
It was in 2010 that Google announced to use social signals as a ranking factor for websites. Since then, you wouldn’t find a single webpage on the internet that lacks social media tags. This has been confirmed by a study where SEO experts and marketers provided their input on effects of social media on website ranking. The study concluded that social signals do play a pivotal role in generating higher page ranking.
It can be said that current trends in SEO optimization are a telltale sign what tomorrow’s SEO will look like. One thing is certain, the future of SEO industry will not be drastically different to what it is today, and any changes that are happening are closely looked at and utilized by Industry Army Marketing.

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