Web design trends keep evolving with time. As online and mobile content is gaining more ground, those who are dependent on websites for exposure and business growth cannot afford to sit back with a website that was designed years ago. Change is a constant in this business as newer web technologies are introduced and viewers get used to more ease and convenience in browsing. Here are some new trends that have gained ground in recent times and which promise to stay on for sometime.

  • Hamburger menus

Expansive design in websites is here to stay. However this trend had brought about a similar look and feel in websites. This does not have to mean bad necessarily. There are several features of responsive web design that can be incorporated in one’s website layout if these are not already present. For instance, the creation of a hamburger menu. Allowing less to show when one opens up a website attributes to a clean look and feel for a website as per web design New York agencies. This is also beneficial for mobile viewing where users can maneuver through links if they wish to explore further. One can catch on bouncing rates and stay responses through web tracking tools which show through the clicks on the hamburger menu links.

  • Account registration prompts

This is a pattern that might seem annoying for visitors but are useful for website owners. For those who show interest to explore a site more would be prompted to fill in their email address to continue. There are easy options offered like linking your social media account to sign up which simply needs a few clicks.

  1. Card based content

When your website has a lot of different sections to display, use of square shaped card layouts come of use. These are known as content containers with each section displaying or representing separate information about products or services. Though this trend was first started with sites like Pinterest, this kind of layout design is here to stay.

  • Scrolling features

With mobile viewing being on the rise, most sites are opting for the long scroll design. That allows one to simply arrange all the visuals, texts, links and sections in a vertical scrolling fashion. This is a scrolling fashion that people have gotten used to as it is convenient in mobile browsers.

  • Highlighted images

As broadband connections improve and loading speed and capabilities improve on browsers, you can opt for web designs that have a main picture in high resolution as the focal point of your front page. As visuals are grabbing all the attention, this kind of a central image will surely intrigue visitors and urge them to explore further. You can add more content as viewers scroll down or card like layouts where additional information can be linked with.

  • Use of animations

Animation techniques are getting richer and adding to the visual appeal of website content. This can be explored in many ways as well as adding loading animations to hold the interest of visitors to your site.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com