teskiIPhone 6 cases are very essential as the actual phone itself and choosing which one to have could be a challenge. Today, there are lots of various designs, colors, styles as well as materials to select from and often, your iPhone case will say a great deal about your personality. The fact that surrounds the iPhone 6 is incredible and those who own them want to make sure they stay undamaged.

Why You Need Reliable iPhone 6 Case?

The user interface of iPhone 6 is remarkable and the whole thing is based on the multi-functional touch screen. Due to sensitive screen of iPhone 6, you have to be extra careful when carrying the phone. The touch screen must be shielded from scratches, bangs as well as knocks. This could be done with a leather case that will be functional as well as lavish and stylish.

Buying the right iPhone 6 cases will make sure that your phone lasts longer and is kept in superb condition. Even if there are many various materials accessible, if you want durability and style, then a leather case will be the best iPhone 6 case option available for you.

There are many various styles available for the iPhone 6 leather case and you don’t have to stick to the conventional designs. When buying the case, you have to ensure that the leather is 100% genuine and is not a cheap imitation.

Even if the leather cases were always seen as the best choice for a businessman, it is surprising how vibrant and funky they are nowadays. Not just serious businessmen want to secure their cell phones, but a lot of people now know the significance of a top grade case. Often, the leather cases will have a functional clip, lanyard and wristlet. So, each angle of your phone will be secured.

What Is the Best Leather Case for iPhone 6 Available?

If you are looking for a reliable, durable, yet fashionable and stylish leather case for your iPhone 6, look no further than Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard.

Who Is Teski?

Teski is a premier custom manufacturer and designer of high quality leather products such as the blue print holder, document and tablet clutch. The latest product that the company wants to introduce is the leather case with wristlet and lanyard intended for iPhone 6.

Product Overview

This state of the art leather case is made of high quality and first grade textured hard plastic materials backed with first class genuine leather case for toughness and a classic luxurious feel and look. Its interior is lined with comfortable soft scratch resistant material which secures your iPhone 6 from further scratches and bumps. Durable, functional as well as compact, you can use this leather case with a lanyard or wristlet. Just choose where you think you are comfortable with.

Product Features

Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard is the best leather case for iPhone 6 available on the market at this point this is due to its remarkable and essential features which take account of the following:

  • Ideal for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s: This model of iPhone is extremely costly, so proper care is highly suggested and buying this product will keep your phone safe and sound.
  • Slim Fit: The Slim fit design makes this leather easy to carry anywhere you go and whatever you do.
  • It comes with Credit/Debit Card Slot: This leather case is not just intended to keep your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s safe and sound. It comes with one slot to insert your credit card or debit card or any personal identification of ID.
  • It comes with Lanyard and Detachable Wristlet: The detachable lanyard and wristlet allow you to choose whether you want to carry this leather case using the lanyard or the wristlet.
  • Free Shipping and Returns: Teski offers free delivery of this product. They also offer free return if you are not contented or pleased with this product.


The Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard comes with many benefits including:

  • This state of the art leather case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is made of high quality textured tough plastic.
  • The Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard is back with first grade smooth and soft genuine leather for strength and classic feel and look.
  • The leather case fits comfortably and tightly. Your iPhone 6 feels very slim with it.
  • It comes with a soft anti-scratch component that secures the phone from further scratches and bumps.
  • The Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard is durable, functional as well as compact.
  • You can use this with either the lanyard or the wristlet.


Like any products available out there, the Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard also comes with small or minor drawbacks. Customers stated that this is a costly leather case. However, there are stores online that offer huge discounts and deals once you purchase this leather case in bulk.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews and scores concerning the Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard show that this is a very reliable, durable and functional leather case for iPhone. In fact, out of 34 customers, half of them rated the product with five stars and the rest gave 4 and 3 stars, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


The stitchwork on this quality leather case is perfect and they look implausible when it comes to style. Buying this product is a big investment and this will keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound at all times. There is no point in having one of these expensive and amazing mobile phones if it is damaged and broken. Protecting your phone will ensure that you get the best from it. Everyone bangs and drops their mobile phone in spite of how careful you may be, so ensure you have the Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard to make sure that your iPhone 6 will remain safe and secure.


Teski products are available is US via www.teski.com and in Europe via www.Amazon.co.UK, www.Amazon.fr, www.Amazon.it, www.Amazon.frwww.Amazon.es and www.Amazon.de


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