1024_x_1024_iconIf you like a car racing game, the ones that are simple and meant for mobile entertainment, Neon 2 Cars Racing is something new and wonderful to try. It is one of the free games that has been done really well in terms of the execution beginning from orchestra musical background and relaxing music. The controls are touch based optimized for both smartphones and tablets. There are many other features such as sharing a global world ranking, score boards, sharing with your friends on social media.

What Is The Game About?

This game consists of neon cars and neon background where you have to race two cars at once in a straight line. The entire perspective is racing two cars and not one that you might have played in those very early video games in palm tops. If you were addicted to them when you were a kid, this is for your grown up entertainment as it is much more addictive among car games.

Next, you have to collect points during your race and grow through the Leader board. The circles get you one point and the triangles get you two points. It is also important to be aware of squares because they are obstacles and they have to be avoided, in both the lanes simultaneously. Thus, the game tests your reflexes against time when you have to manually control both the speeding cars. You can drift, slide and jump over the road and enjoy the most you can while still trying to gain more points so that you can also challenge the other players on the leader board and earn even more points by breaking their records.

  • It is bundled with rich animation and colorful cartoons which makes it a fine among games for kids where they learn while racing.


The end result is a simple to install, just takes up 25MB of space on your device, and play using simple to touch user interface that makes it among addicting games. It can be enjoyed equally by adults for a simple time pass instead of a stressful experience of installing GBs of some new NFS and bumping up at missing drivers, activation, keygen and other issues such as low memory. This is like a value for money game that values your time and also entertains you when you need something the most.


The game is easy to play and intuitive in nature with simple controls. The background is addicting with multiple interesting levels that gradually build up your skills as you go through them. It is not too difficult or too easy to get frustrated. The neon lit cars, animations and background is ideal for kids and a perfect pass time for adults. The game is not buggy or consume too much of memory while playing. Thus, it is a moderately optimized for a decent playing experience of free games. It is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neon.cartoon.twocars, which is the official location at Google Play Store.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com