B3_300x600Beta is the latest trend in website building. These are seemed like the first partners and customers of any business. If you could retain the beta sites, you will definitely able to improve your sales and leads. For this, you will want to choose the leaders in the market that have long term need for your products or services and their consumption will boost demand among other companies.

Widry.com knows that modern customers have a clear idea about when to expect flaws and bugs in a beta site. It does not matter whether or not customers experience issues with the product or service, but the most important aspect is responding to customer queries promptly. Programmers at Widry dedicate their day and night to release beta version websites so that customers could receive prompt attention and interactive communication about their concerns regarding beta sites.

Our talent pool knows that helpful and feasible technical support is essential to build a long lasting relationship with a beta customer. Beta planning is an important tool that helps improve a company’s internal processes. We are carrying out beta tests to find whether or not the departments inside a company are grading to the right speed and size. Our beta version will facilitate account management and customer service, finance, engineering, sales and operational infrastructure.

Customers will be able to address red flags that emerge during the process. With a clear and dominant plan as well as tactical plans for all departments, customers will get not only the elements but also the directions for a successful beta site launch.  Widry Beta site is going to be the complete online solution for collecting business intelligence automatically from the internet!

Our programmers are working with a tight timeline while giving focused attention on the beta process. We have a detailed and systematic plan, specific to understand what steps to be taken while being flexible for unforeseen changes. With this, we could collect feedback and integrate it into product marketing efforts.

Widry Beta goals

We have a clear idea about the market sector and particular launch goals for our Beta website builder. We choose a mix of beta sites to gather precise data about a standard user’s interaction with our beta version. We are designing a client server solution, where clients’ website is hosted and managed by Widry! Since this is a new model, we want to test each and every aspect of our ability to function within this model, including designing, hosting, product marketing and customer support.

We are validating position, price and method of delivery of our Beta version. We already did a lot of market research, which prompted good, valuable feedback. We are integrating customer suggestions through product marketing cycle to ensure that their feedback was a part of our designing and marketing communications and sales efforts for launching Beta version. We bet our customers that Widry Beta version will be the key to their business’ growth and help you in a perfect manner.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com