’s logo is pid, and its email service uses one’s Public ID(aka permanent ID,offline ID) as Email ID(aka online ID). Once you place its logo(pid) onto one’s Public ID, you can guess that person’s email ID is same as public ID

This is more phenomenal than Nike’s Logo

It is best used for business where one can place its Logo in front of Business Telephone#, then that Business Email would be ‘ business-ph#’ (example: pid 213-373-4141, web post office)

or it can be used for Hookup on the street where one can place its Logo on car Bumper,then that person’s Email would be ‘ auto-license-pl#’ introduces “Guessable” Email ID with Powerful Logo 4 ez-Connect,ez-Hookup !
BizpidOffline ID become Online ID ! $10/lifetime email service

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