bg2If you haven’t heard of the concept called “open source ecommerce”, it is time to take a look at Abantecart. This is creating a revolution by grouping all types of eCommerce platforms under one umbrella and allowing users to access the products from anywhere on any platform, whether it is a blog, a post with just a few steps. It is a free shopping cart where the items are listed without any commission and then can be relisted to any other blog, article or webpage to add the complete functionality of buying that product right from the article, blog or the webpage. Now, isn’t that really cool?


What Does AbanteCart Do?

shopping_cart_logoIt saves you a lot of clicks and waiting time while loading an entire new website or a bunch of websites that are backlinked. It drives a huge amount of indirect traffic and gets your product sold from anywhere on the internet, apart from your website. Well, technically speaking AbanteCart does not do anything by itself and it has been backed by more than 22,530 hours of work and more than 19,000 live sites so far.

  • Basically, you list your products at AbanteCart and then this allows a medium to repost your products at any webpage, blog or article with the complete functionality of buying the product right from that place.

What Makes AbanteCart Special?

As, mentioned this is a new thing in the market and is often called as an open source eCommerce solution that is completely free, as a medium of intermediate stage for businesses.

  • It has a completely responsive storefront design with optimized user interface for admins compatible with all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • The Storefront, itself, is efficiently made SEO friendly to allow search engines to rank it high when looking for products. It is favored for Goolge, as of now.
  • It is completely free of cost and has no licensing, subscription fee, usage restrictions as well as no penalty for trying it away. This is special, indeed.
  • This shopping cart runs on the latest technologies like HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX and more. Thus, it also takes care of modern as well as old platforms.
  • It bundles Open Source PHP and provides an option for developers to take it to any level. The architecture is easily scalable and flexible.


What’s Under The Hood?

It has been endowed with unlimited potential by easy integration of extensions with a lot of them already available from the active community. The Storefront and Admin API allows you to perform these external integrations much simpler with the flexibility of the RestFul JSON API. Thus, it allows developers as much fun as it does to common users who just wish to use it right out of the box. The latest version is rolling AbanteCart 1.2.4 with a lot of overall improvements. If you are interested you may go through them in detail at their official address

A free shopping cart is what makes listing and relisting items easier and allows a broader reach through even blogs and articles.

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