PressRoom by Newswire
PressRoom by Newswire

If your website does not have an easy to read and use media room or press room page, it becomes very difficult for journalists and analysts to use information to promote your services. PressRoom by Newswire is a press release software or a simple plugin for WordPress sites that creates a completely optimized press room page. This is properly formatted so that it works for you round the clock and you do not miss visitors or traffic, making it easy for others to write about the things you want to promote. It also helps you create and distribute your press releases, equally well.

What Does It Do Exactly For You?

This concept is little difficult to understand if you are not that aware of the press room and media room promotions. A press release plugin, like PressRoom creates a separate news page on your website which is easily accessible by news writers and journalists when looking up for recent stuff on the internet.

  • The stuff you put on this page is more readily accessible and readable by search engines and thereby helps you promote your products or services better.

So, in essence, there are a number of things any media room page does for you. It enhances the traffic to your website when people start looking up something on the internet. It further allows you to manage the users and the site metrics which can help you as an analyst to distribute your resources more decisively to reach out to customers and target audience.

How Can It Improve Your Website?

There is a thing about the PressRoom plugin that sets it apart and boosts your productivity when you activate this plugin in your WordPress site. It currently supports WordPress 3.1 and above.

This plugin makes the content on your websites more relevant and makes it more accessible to journalists and analysts so that they can write about them on their blogs, in their articles, reviews etc. and indirectly promote your stuff and services. Especially, bloggers can easily find your content on the internet and include it in the posts making the content regarding your company available to them in the exact format they require.

  • Additionally, potential customers can also easily find and share the news regarding some development from your company or a product. Thus, online communities can be kept updated via this piece of program without much effort.

This is what a media room plugin does and you can download PressRoom plugin from or visit their website at and know more about them.
PressRoom comes with 8 new user interfaces that allow your authors and writers to choose from the one that they prefer. This is in addition to your current new post page. Moreover, every post becomes a WordPress widget and is available for use anywhere else across your website.

Thus, evidently this is an amazing plugin that can really help you in many ways from generating more traffic to reaching your target audience and promote your services and stuff.

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