Screen_Shot_20150828_at_95208_AMTilden Tasks are a subscription based support company for WordPress powered websites. This company is owned by Matt and Marcus. If you have a WordPress website then this website is going to be your savior as they act as the middle man to deal with the issues faced by webmasters. You don’t need to look for independent contractors for every simple task anymore. They provide a number of excellent services for the WordPress users. This is a San Francisco based company. The services they offer include website management, fixes, support, changes and maintenance. Their service is available 24×7. One thing commendable about them is their great customer service. You no longer need to go to a Craiglist about finding a good service!

Low Monthly Fees

The low monthly fees have to be the best thing about their service. If you search for such services online, you can see that most of them charge very high. Keeping that in mind, their high quality service is almost cheap. This is something you don’t want to let go of. As far as our experience goes, you will definitely get the worth of your money.

Overall Review

A comprehensive review of your WordPress website is one of the best things about their website. How do you know that you are running your WordPress website optimizing its full potential? In most cases, this may not be the case. You may not be even aware of several optimization techniques that can improve your website leaps and bounds. You might be in the dark when it comes to many of these things. So, a comprehensive review is really important. They have been running and maintaining WordPress websites for so many years. Therefore, they know everything about WordPress websites. So, they will be able to let you know whether you have optimized your website to its full potential or not. If not, they will help you to achieve the same. This is a very valuable service when it comes to a WordPress website.

Analysis Of Hosting


  • Is your hosting overpriced? In that case they will suggest a better hosting provider for a low price with similar facilities.
  • Is your hosting provider, reliable? As a new website owner, you might not have done enough research about your hosting provider. Are they reliable? Here they will answer it for you.
  • They will simplify the hosting process and answer all your queries regarding hosting. In case the current hosting provider is not up to the mark, they will suggest you a better provider.

Landing Pages

Are you looking for a custom made landing page for a special campaign? They will get it done for you in a most professional manner. You can ask for a new landing page whenever you want and they will happily provide it.

Analysis Of The Data

Data analysis is another important service offered by them that you don’t want to miss. You may already have Google Analytics or another analytic service installed on the website. But that’s not enough. You need to analyze the data to learn more about your audience. They will do an excellent job in interpreting the data.

Other Important Services

  • Security of the website – they will do a security audit.
  • Marketing analysis – how to attract more visitors to your website? They will do everything to achieve this.
  • Speed check – Is your WordPress site loading fast enough? They will make sure that your website loads fast.
  • Plugins – They will suggest highly useful plugins.
  • Email integration – they will help set up an email server for your website.

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