logoIf you are bored of your status update and can’t seem to find a nice one so easily, why not give a try at www.whatsappstatusgeek.com? It is pretty much overwhelming with brilliant content and carefully curated categories that you would not find anywhere else, as a matter of fact. But, perhaps, you did not know about it before. No worries, you know now. Right?

In this social media savvy world, we always use these instant messaging tools to relay our feelings or what we call “status update” to our friends and those we care. The best way to do that is using the right set of words to express ourselves and it might get difficult to find just the right words. At Whatsapp status Online we take this matter seriously and prepare short and simple status updates across various categories according to latest trends and curate these with careful construction and proper structure of words to convey just what you intended to, easily and with impact.

What Are The Categories Available?

This is the best part of this website that it has curated an interesting set of 12 categories like Hindi, Short Status, Busy and a host of other emotional states of mind like Love, Romance, Lonely, Busy, Friendship and, of course, Motivational. These are some of the things that you come across every single day and sometimes 100 times in a day.

  • They make it really easy by listing the categories straightaway at the top of the header page and also along the columns on the side.

The interface on their website is pretty much minimal just listing their latest set of “Whatsapp status updates”. You can choose anyone of them and place it on your profile. It is as simple as that and you don’t really have to worry about any kind of subscription, fee, registration, etc. However, subscriptions will make you eligible for receiving updates as soon as they are published. Similarly, if you bookmark the webpage, you can more readily access it when you need.

  • Additionally, it also allows you to share it across other media pages like Reditt, Google Plus and more.

How To Find The Best One For You?

This is a way to explore their website in the most effective manner. They always post content just like articles and blogs and if you are a subscriber, you will get it completely in your inbox each time they post it. Thus, you do not require coming from their website, but instead can readily grasp the updates and latest trends instantly. Occasionally, they release updates for current events like exams, inspirational status updates carefully curated to suit the word limits. So, it is not that difficult to make use of a wonderful resource that does the much needed research for you and aggregates all that is available throughout the internet at one place right at your fingertips.

So, make a visit to www.whatsappstatusgeek.com and update your status for WhatsApp as frequently as your status varies. Express yourself instantly and precisely.

By Techwacky

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