500x500bb80Send Gif is a brand new IOS app that is another piece of the social media puzzle.  This app allows you to instantly create your own gifs and send and share to friends.  Create photo gifs, or upgrade to Send Gif Pro and shoot 5 second video gifs.

You can then text them, post to social media, or email them!  Simple as that.  The gif is the mouthpiece of the millennials, why haven’t you downloaded Send Gif?

Gifs are now enabled to be played directly through Facebook and Twitter.  Because of this, the use for a free gif maker like Send Gif is huge.  From promotion, selling, making funny gifs or just want to send your friends gifs over text, there are literally thousands of useful ways to use Gifs.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com