10402759_818140254884855_1412648963534860143_nTechnological advances have prompted a change in the way executives prepare for a media interview. There is now a focus on story telling. Getting your story right is the key to success – the only catch is you often just get one chance to get your story right.

In the modern world of social media mistakes can go viral therefore media training is crucial for any executive wanting to establish a strong reputation. If you make a simple mistake during a media interview, it can be amplified and your business can be left vulnerable.

Mistakes can be extremely costly in the social media world where every word uttered and every gesture captured can be played a million times over.

Executives are turning to media training on the go downloading and preparing with apps like PRMobi media training.

Businesses and individuals must spend some time to master the art of giving memorable interviews. Media training and PR preparation courses are generally expensive and can be time consuming. PRMobi provides a low cost solution to prepare you for media interviews. You can easily master the art of giving interviews if you know how to handle the real life tricky questions.

The PRMobi media training app helps you to improve your skills by providing direct interview training. Once you open the app, you will be asked questions. You can record your interview and review it later or share the interview with your own social media followers and also with. The interview questions are available in several categories so that you can train for any situation.

The PRMobi solution is easy and simple to use for businesses and individuals. You don’t have to schedule your day for media training because the app is available on your smart phone all the time. Whenever you can sneak in a few minutes for training, you can use the app and be interviewed by media experts. The recordings can be stored in a gallery so that you can review your past performances.

With the training provided by the PRMobi app, you can easily handle real time media interviews. You will be able to think of appropriate responses to quick thinking reporters. By staying calm you can easily establish a strong business reputation. The training, the app also gives you tips on improving your media interview performance. As a result, you can greatly improve confidence and handle media interviews like a pro.

The PRMobi app is unique in providing media training as you will have unlimited access to hundreds of media questions. With this app, you are sure to improve your skills and make the most of media interviews. This app is now available in APP Store for iOS devices.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com