Spot_Trender_colorlogoSpot trender is one of the cloud based platforms which is used for pre testing of advertisements in order to make the fast insight driven commercial decisions from the first step of concept to the last step of production.

The best thing about your spot trender is that, it works 90 percent faster than its present competitors in the market. Hence, it is able to predict the performance of your advertisement in just 2-3 days time rather than predicting it in 3-4 weeks as most of the competitive platforms do. Not only this, it gives you a great accuracy as well which is the biggest benefit of using this in your business.

This is done with the help of a number of methods used in pre ad testing. Some of them are as follows-

  • Attitude and opinion tests: For carrying out these there are sub methods as-
  • Direct questioning: In this method you need to ask questions directly in order to know about the responses about the commercials. By doing this you will get to know how well you have provided information about the brand. You can take the help of questionnaire or you can just have one single question.
  • Oral of merit: this test is done mainly for pre testing of print commercials. Here a number of people are shown the commercials, about 5-6 and then they are asked to rank them according to their likes. Then collect the scores and see which is at what rank.
  • Paired comparisons: This method is carried out when you get the commercials ranked by people. After ranking the consumers are asked to compare between two of the advertisements and tell which is better than the other. This continues unless and until every ad is compared with other one.
  • Projective techniques: It is one of the motivational concepts carried out by psychological experts. In this method unlike the direct questioning the viewers are asked to respond indirectly about the advertisements. Here are some of the techniques used in it-
  • Thematic apperception: In this the responds are made to look at people in ambiguous situations and then, they are asked to create a story using these pictures, in order to project their feelings about the pictures.
  • Depth interviews: In this method the viewers or the respondents are made to look at number of commercials and are asked to discuss about them freely. After that the interviewer or the psychological expert is present to ask about the views and feelings of the respondents about the advertisements.
  • Sentence completion and word association: This method is said to be little more than the depth interview method. The sentences and the keywords are said to be used as stimuli to which the viewers are made to respond about the advertisements by projecting their feelings.

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